Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

He likes fact that sounds like fiction and fiction that sounds like fact. His novels are a perfect blend of these two. Yes, we are talking about Ashwin Sanghi, who is an entrepreneur by day, and a novelist by night. He has published two brilliantly written and well researched novels and today, you have a chance to review his current best selling novel – Chanakya’s Chant!

This novel is interesting and gripping read for Shashi Tharoor, a cracker of a page-turner for Hindustan Times and recommended to all by Amish Tripathi. This week, we have a large number of copies available. Make sure you quickly fill in the form, if you are interested to review.

Not 10, not 20, not even 30, we are giving away 50 books of Ashwin Sanghi’s best seller – Chanakya’s Chant! 🙂

A novel on the strategist of Indian History – Chanakya, well blended with the present in form of a Brahmin teacher.

Read the excerpt:

The year is 340 BC. A hunted, haunted Brahmin youth vows revenge for the gruesome murder of his beloved father. Cold, calculating, cruel and armed with a complete absence of accepted morals, he becomes the most powerful political strategist in Bharat and succeeds in uniting a ragged country against the invasion of the army of that demigod, Alexander the Great.


Pitting the weak edges of both forces against each other, he pulls off a wicked and astonishing victory and succeeds in installing Chandragupta on the throne of the mighty Mauryan empire.


History knows him as the brilliant strategist ChanakyaRead more.

Know the author:

Ashwin Sanghi holds a masters degree from Yale. He is an entrepreneur by profession, and writes extensively on history, religion and politics in his spare time, but historical fiction in the thriller genre is his passion and hobby. He believes that every writer has a unique DNA and says that his DNA is composed of: history, mythology, theology, suspense, mystery, and conspiracy.

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  1. It is interesting to note that Indian authors are looking back at our roots 🙂 Kudos to Ashwin Sanghi (and Amish Tripathi as well)! Sure hope to review this book!

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