BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 19, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksUranium mine in Andhra could be among largest in world. Many are betting on Nuclear energy as the answer to all our future energy needs. This discovery helps India in many ways as it will no longer have to depend on other countries to power its Nuclear Power Plants. There are other posts which will make you think about things happening in India. Read the best of them now. πŸ™‚

  • Who :Β Daddy San
    What : Tempus Fugit
    Tangy : Our online life demands a lot from us, as much as our offline life does. But, which is more important to you? Where do you draw the line? Daddy San talks about his online & offline life with us and the time he wished he could spend more with his son. A must read for everyone.

  • Who : Farida Rizwan
    What : Let Life be Your Focus. Not Survival.
    Tangy : A misleading cancer status message is lately doing rounds on Facebook. Farida Rizwan, a cancer survivor, rubbishes the message that it is giving out and brings forward the perspective of a cancer survivor. We all must read and learn from this.

  • Who : Bikram Mann
    What : To the Terrorists
    Tangy : Bikram Mann wants to convey something to the terrorists. He says, instead of killing the innocent people, the terrorists should kill the corrupt politicians, so that it serves their purpose of killing people, and our purpose, to have no corrupt politicians in the country. Many such views are penned by him.

  • Who : Garima
    What : How would we get to know if someone’s worth our emotions or not??
    Tangy : Garima is discussing about relationships and their levels in this post. Selfish Love, Conditional Love and Unconditional Love are the three levels that she mentions. Have a look and let her know if you agree or disagree with her.

  • Who :Β Wise Donkey
    What : Terrorising the Terrorists
    Tangy : The Wise Donkey tries to terrorize the terrorists through this post. She puts light on the weapons of this country! A post full of sarcasm ahead.

  • Who : Nitin Pai
    What : Fighting terrorism, starting with the easy stuff
    Tangy : We cannot stop a really motivated terrorist, but we can make it hard for him to succeed. Nitin Pai suggests that the country should adapt more sophisticated methods and strengthen the security. It might be not possible to stop them completely, but we can surely make our defense much stronger than what it is today. A very informative write up.

  • Who : Suruchi Arora
    What : Adopt, Adapt, Adept!
    Tangy : It’s been a year that Suruchi has adopted her sweet little daughter Seeya. Suruchi shares with us the fears and experiences of adopting a baby. To love a child as your own is not tough, to love a child despite yourself is. More such thoughts are conveyed by her through this post.

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5 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 19, ’11”

  1. Thank you so much for the mention .. Its always nice to find my name on your site .. Thank you ..

    and congratulations to everyone who got mentioned …

    Suruchi and WD Congrats πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you, for choosing. I feel honored and would have been more delighted if the circumstances had been different.

    But I do strongly believe that equipping the security personnel, is one of the easiest thing we all can do, in the fight against terror.

    The mention almost escaped me, since I wanted to run over to Bikram’s blog. Congrats Bikram:)

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