Perky Tweets – Jul 18, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsI am not an Indian, I just work here. – Diggy quotes in his latest press conference. He issued this statement when one of the Journalists at the Press Conference questioned him if he was an Indian? #fakingnews Are you bored reading jokes about Diggy and others? We have more funny tweets lined up to drive away your Monday blues.

Caution:Dont know abt Malhar but Women might get multiple orgasms by jst riding over Dadar bridge on TulsiPipeRd.”.

The disappointing part of Nobody killed Jessica was Rani’s inspiration.

Mark Zuckerberg walked into a bar. And got it in the side of Facebook.”

i tell the cab guy shardashram and he takes me to anthr ashram in dadar where ‘they keep lawaris girls’. Wha?!

The No.1 ranked Android game in Afghanistan is Angry Beards. #nosurprise

Quest of the decade ; Who let the Diggy-Ziggy Out?

When anyone says ‘daal mein kuch kala hai’, I respond with a, ‘masoor ki dal hogi’. *smirks*

Jinnah thank your stars twitter wasn’t there in 1947.”

ROFL : #Arabic portions detected in #Keralasyllabus class V textbook of #Sanskrit

The Income Tax Act is proof that our government actually has a great sense of humour.

Dear Terrorist. Here’s one good reason to stop – less Barkha Dutt

They’re playing Stayin Alive by The BeeGees during the Harry Potter intermission… Lol ironic

Please tell me Harry Potter has an item number? We Indians dont watch movies otherwise.

When the character of the person is not clear look at his Web History and Bookmarks.

Morning.Mourning.More neend.

Tweets full of s**ual innuendoes and bad grammar will be laughed at, bitched about and deleted. #perkytweets

Don’t be surprised if you see Rithesh Deshmuk playing for Mumbai in the Ranaji Trophy,next season… #perkytweets

i was at the hospital to check my blood type.. shocked by my results.. it said “Congratulations you are Google Positive now..” #perkytweets

My fav desktop background for time being is black blanck screen with “This copy of Wind*ws is not genuin” written in 1 corner. #perkytweets

Teachers call it “the bathroom”, we call it,”I’m bored, i’m leaving”#perkytweets

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