BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 16, ’11

Spicy SaturdayGoogle is killing our Brain says a study. Is it killing our privacy also especially after the launch of Google Plus? Mahendra Palsule in his interview had his viewpoints on Privacy and how social networks will affect our lives in the future? If you have not read the interview, then read it now and come back to read the Spicy Saturday Picks. 🙂

  • Who : B Raman
    What : Mumbai blasts 13/7 : Q & A
    Spicy : A Q&A about the Mumbai Blasts written by B Raman. Read for information and views and let him know your thoughts about it.

  • Who : Ideasmith
    What : The faceless hand in the crowd
    Spicy : Do I deserve to feel bad? To be embarrassed about my gender? To downplay my appearance? To move furtively and quickly when I am alone? These are the questions Ramya asks, or rather every woman of India asks, who wishes to move around freely, without the constant fear of getting raped or the thought of being judged.

  • Who Sidin Vadukut for Pragati
    What : The better tomorrow?
    Spicy : Sidin talks about a very valid point (missed by many ‘mature’ adults), in this post. Look around you, are the young minds of India, filling themselves with hatred? They structure their thinking according to that of others around them. Why not fill those blank slates with some good common sense and hope they remember when they grow up and perhaps reach a position of power or authority? Have you thought about it?

  • Who : Heartcrossings
    What : The Rain Came
    Spicy : A beautiful poetry by Heartcrossings. Watch out for the ending lines of this poem, and the emotions the poetess tries to evoke.

  • Who : Neha Thakkar
    What : Harry Potter: My Journey
    Spicy : The Harry Potter series is coming to an end. All the Harry Potter fans are as sad about it, as much they are excited about watching the last movie of this series. Neha is also among them. Neha shares with us the journey of Harry Potter series in her life. Do have a read.

  • Who : Dibyasundar
    What : The only way Rahul Gandhi can revive Congress fortunes in UP
    Spicy : Dibyasundar discusses about the reasons on why Rahul Gandhi visits UP often, what he should do and many other things. A very informative post.

  • Who : Sayesha
    What : Biker chick
    Spicy : Do you know how to become a Biker Chick? Sayesha has the tips and 10 steps to become the perfect Biker Chick. 😉 Well, rather her little daughter will guide you in that. 🙂 The baby is on a roll, riding on her Harley! A very nice post by Sayesha. Must read!

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