BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 12, ‘11

Spicy SaturdayAfter the devastating earthquake in Japan yesterday which was followed by 50 aftershocks, one wonders whether nature is unleashing its fury on us. Everyone in Japan is mentally prepared that they can experience earthquake at any point of time but who would have thought that it could be this big? Are we taking mother nature for granted? Are we too busy to care? This maybe just a trailer for things to come ahead if we don’t correct ourselves. Time now to read the Spicy Saturday Picks for this week. 

  • Who : Surbhi Jain
    What : More than just lighting it up!
    Spicy : Surbhi composes a poem where a smoker conveys that it is more than just lighting it up! If you want to know how a smoker feels, then hop onto this post!

  • Who : Anshul Tewari
    What : The Rise and Disguise of Consumerism
    Spicy : Does the word Consumerism have different meanings and connotations in your mind? Read Himanshu’s post for all the information about consumerism, its history and how it is in present times.

  • Who : Hip Hop Grandmom
    What : Women Empowerment??
    Spicy : What is women empowerment to you? Is it limited to a girl getting proper education and is allowed to work to earn a sum for the family? Doesn’t she also have a right to voice her opinion? Read Hip Hop Grandma’s post to enlighten yourself.

  • Who : Suchismita Majumdar
    What : Telephones and me.
    Spicy : Suchismita writes down a rather strange problem of not being able to talk over phone. 😛 Are you one also one among those who can’t chat on telephone? Then join Suchismita’s gang! 😀

  • Who : mad.madrasi
    What : If you wear shorts, you are a tennis player
    Spicy : The Mad Madrasi voices his opinion on the cricket all rounders after an article he saw in the Deccan Chronicle. This post is for all the cricket fans. Do let us know what you feel. Have a read!

  • Who : Ritu Lalit
    What : Answer to IHM’s question
    Spicy : Is a woman forever stuck between her desires and the moral healthiness or progress of a society? This was the question and this post is the answer to it. Ritu writes down her opinions which makes you ponder on the recent condition of women

  • Who : Sadiya Merchant
    What : Soft landings…Soft hearts
    Spicy : Mere dil ke kisi koney main ik masoom sa baccha badon ki dekh kar duniya, bada hone se darta hai.” Beautiful lines which go along with Sadiya’s innocent post. A sweet letter from a child to Allah! Recommended read.

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