Commenting no more make magic!

Last thing first! Sounds unusual though; let me make this attempt. Let us take this as an exercise and make it a discussion board. Please try to be honest while you express your opinion. And, let me learn more from you on the same topic.

Nice one, true, great, well written, inspiring, I loved it, enjoyed reading, good write up and anything else comes in your mind when you comment on a post? As the blogosphere is getting more and more dense it is giving a tough competition to one another and it is also getting mature. Everybody knows every single trick, be it the SEO strategies, grabbing attention skills, self advertising, pings on social sites and the list can go on and on. It’s only a matter of fact that we don’t like to accept it. We still want to assume things and do it according to the rules that the whole blog world follows! But, sometimes it becomes important to rule out rules and start giving importance to human bonds and emotions.

No matter how far the Internet era and the blog world in particular have time traveled, the ultimate truth is that behind every blog and its every post there is a human mind. When the question of human brain arises it’s always associated with psychology, emotions, actions and reactions. Most of the times a blog is associated with a brand and it is the reader’s psychology that tend to take the writer for granted.

For instance we all know the rule number one; always leave a comment to get the attention. Now, this can make or even break the matter. Consider the above comments and ask yourself how many of you would like to write such comments on others’ blog and how would you like to see such comments on your blog? These comments are like replying to your wife when you are watching your favourite sport or news channel and getting such replies back from your wife when she is watching her favourite daily soap. Though both of you may have given ignorant replies to each other, you actually don’t expect the same. While you don’t mind giving such comments, you would for sure mind to get them back.

Once you are known for leaving such comments, people start ignoring you only by seeing your name or even your profile picture. As simple as that, quality is important than the quantity. So try to be more than just another wandering teenage guy and make your presence really felt like a young entrepreneur!

  • Stop leaving worthless comments on four blogs, rather leave worthwhile comments on two blogs.
  • Always focus on writing real comments. This not only will seek attention from the blog owner but also from other visitors.
  • Make your comment interesting by actually including one or two points from the post. This will convey a message of your involvement in reading the post to the blogger.
  • Give some attention on the tone of your comment and try to be near to the reality and do not exaggerate. Because the words and the tone sometimes may sound ironical offending the blogger.
  • It’s a strict no-no to those sarcastic jokes and comments unless you are a die-hard friend of the blogger! Try to play safe because it’s really not a joke.

Leaving nonsense pinching comments not only deletes you from the blogger’s mind but also is likely to damage your reputation in the blogosphere. After all it’s not always a good idea to play with emotions. Yes I agree, everybody has the right to express their opinion but not at the cost of insults. If you disagree or dislike something about the post please go ahead and raise your voice, but politely. Express your dissatisfaction in such a way that it becomes more of a discussion. As the tone of the post matters so does the tone of your comment.  Don’t try to offend the blogger but if you do so, you are sure to get it back someday in some way. Sooner or later the Newton’s third law of action and reaction will be proved right on your own comment box.

Remember, everybody is here to write the best and give their best. Maybe you are a little better than the other but that does not steal the right for expression from the other.

Another important aspect of this story is ‘how to deal with such offensive comments’?

Most of us allow comments to be displayed only after moderation. However, there are some bloggers who allow the comments to be displayed right away by the readers. While allowing comments directly saves you some time, it may sometimes leave you in a fix.  No doubt you can delete any comments any time but it’s very important to be prepared to deal with such comments tactfully. Even before you notice any offensive comments on your own comment box, there are chances that somebody else would have already noticed and even left an agreeing reply to that comment. Now, you have to decide on your take over such situations. I know you might not be interested to even give a slap of words as a reply and I would not recommend that either, but a reply is a must. Please do not ignore such comments. It’s important to address such comments and do it with dignity.

  • Don’t bring out the tone that you are hurt or that you have taken it personally.
  • Reply in such a way that it instigates people to rethink over the comment.
  • Raise a question in turn while you disagree or even agree for that matter!
  • Do not confront or challenge directly by getting out the rebellion tone.
  • And some of the points above can be applied here as well.

Sounds dramatic but these two phrases convey a lot of meaning…

Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai.
Haar kar jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hai.

There are many people around who like to create nuisance in your comment box. Though it’s very disgusting, ignore only if you are the first person to look at it.

About Pinky: I come from the land of Ohm. I am a simple Woman, a housewife and a loving Mom. Writing is my passion and therefore I blog. Leaving all the connections behind with my masters in computer, I am now trying to explore my skills in painting, cooking and cake decorating. I blog at Have your share of Honey and tweet @pinky_bn.

15 Replies to “Commenting no more make magic!”

  1. Hi Pinky,

    Wonderful post on commenting. You have laid down the strategies for effective commenting nice and tight.

    With me, I ONLY leave a comment on a post if I really feel that I have something to say. Even when I read a post on Problogger and have liked the most very much, sometimes I don’t feel like commenting. In such cases I don’t leave a comment just for backlinks or traffic. This way I try to maintain the originality of the comments.

    Indeed commenting brings a lot of traffic and backlinkg, but that should not be our prior goal when leaving a comment.

    Very much enjoyed your post. I will tweet it.


  2. Hey Jane.

    Thank you for such wonderful words and the tweet. It’s really good to know that you maintain the originality and integrity while commenting on any post and you don’t just comment for traffic and backlinks.

  3. Hi Pinky,
    this helped a lot, will take care of points the next time i leave a comment on some one’s post. Sometimes we may not like the post to such an extent to leave some insightful comment, hence i leave comment like – nice post etc, this is just all i have to say anyway. however i do sometimes leave another aspect of the story which stuck my mind in order that reader explores this aspect as well related to this post. hope this is a good practice. what about the practice of copy pasting a phrase or stanza from the post itself & saying this the part i liked the most, coz its true. the author will know this was eye catching for his readers. Once my friend gave a harsh comment on one of the post – a heart breaking poem, that if i am turning into a negative & sadist psycho sort of person after he read a couple of posts, this made me look into myself & correct my lifestyle also writing style. this came as a much needed slap in the face for me which was essential 🙂

  4. @astrosunilnomy

    That is indeed a good news that the slap of words by a friend was like a eye opener for you. Its also good to know that it made you change your lifestyle as well… great. But this happened only because you took the comment positively or else that might have offended you and broke your heart! Tell me one thing why the poems cannot show the negative side of life and why should one interpret the poet to be a sadist or psycho… OMG! It’s just that writing poems is a form of skill/art and that does not necessarily make the poet the same as the poem, does it?

  5. It seems like half the time — well, OK more like 90% of the time — I can’t even tell what the commenter is trying to say. It’s certainly not related to anything in my post. So I’m wondering: How do others wade through the sea of spam comments to get to the gems? Is there any way to make it a bit easier?

  6. I do same as tips you written in the post. Always read the post and give comment according to flow of the blog. I also like to read other user comment because it give something new to learn. So read comment also worth a lot.

  7. Great post about commenting. I do same as tips you written in the post. Always read the post and give comment according to flow of the blog. I also like to read other user comment because it give something new to learn. So read comment also worth a lot.

  8. I think commenting should actually reflect what you are feeling, constructive criticism is actually liked by many. Although, i agree hurtful and toned voices should be kept to oneself.
    Well written!

  9. @Jeff You are right… this problem is faced by many popular bloggers… but what I can say at the moment is…
    The less you wonder about spamming comments the better it is!!!

  10. @Suraj Yes, if you have the zest to quench the thirst for knowledge even a drop in the ocean matters a lot!

  11. @Psyche I am with you and feel the same… any thing said from heart to mean it in soft tone really does prove to be helpful.

  12. Appreciation of work and criticism to improve is what commenting actually comprises of; an indirect approach towards learning.
    Commenting without reading the post just to seek attention will only hinder in development in skills and growth as a blogger.

  13. @Prateek Very true… nobody can look at their back by themselves and therefore need a means to show it.
    In case of blogging audience/readers are the one who can help the writer/blogger to improve… but it’s worth only if the reader is genuine.

  14. I felt happy to read your post because I am new in this community and do not know the rules properly, So your post entirely helpful to the new born baby and those who are old but unaware about this fact. I will sincerely follow your rule.
    Thank you so much!

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