BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 7 ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksAfter the wikileaks episode, everyone is talking about ‘Free Speech’. According to Wikipedia ‘Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation, or both.‘ How many of you remember Chaithanya Kunte? Was it not the perfect example of ‘Free Speech’? Indian bloggers have always been vocal with their posts and our Tangy Tuesday Picks are a reflection to that. Read some amazing posts from Indian bloggers today.

  • Who : B Raman
    What : It’s dangerous to defend Barkha Dutt
    Tangy : B.Raman, an Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, is defending Barkha Dutt after the Radia tapes controversy. He is also subjected to expected considerable abuse for not going against her. Read on where he lists down why does so and tell him if you agree with him!

  • Who : Neha
    What : Mother’s “Love”
    Tangy : God couldn’t be everywhere so he made mother! So true! Neha writes down an emotional post on her mom where she tells us how mom’s irritate us but still we like it in a way. Read her post and tell her your mom’s story! 🙂 Glance through more such tributes to mom.

  • Who : Saritha
    What : Crazy mummies.
    Tangy : 3 idiots showed us how parents pressurize their small kids to get good grades. Saritha is a good mother who is not following the ‘trend’ and is not pressurizing her kiddo. But there are some ‘crazy mummies’ out there who go the wrong way. Read her post where she’s sharing what she has observed!

  • Who : Freegreek
    What : A day in the twitter life of a Bombayite
    Tangy : Freegeek has written an awesome post which describes the day of a Bombayite through his tweets! Atwitterholic‘s life is like an open tweet-book in the cyber space. Read this series of tweets which will bring a smile on your face!

  • Who : krtgrphr
    What : Don’t Write Me Off
    Tangy : Earlier writing was out of passion or talent (or both). Times have changed and now it is ‘on demand’ writing. Will this new world of “on-demand” writing bring with it new issues to contend with, is what the author is asking. What do you think? Decipher this post and let the blogger know your views!

  • Who : Purvesh Janee
    What : Corporate Gyaan gained by Travelling through Mumbai Local
    Tangy : We all blame the local trains of Mumbai and point out a dozen of mistakes for obvious reasons. However, Purvesh has listed the corporate advantages of traveling through Mumbai locals! Gather the corporategyaan that he shares! Recommended read!

  • Who : Siddesh
    What : When your girlfriend asks you if she looks fat, is that a question or Dharamsankat?
    Tangy : As we all know, it’s very difficult to understandwhat women want. The safest answers to some deadly questions asked by women have been researched ever since man walked earth! This blogger has finally found the answers to those. Discover & get saved by those deadly questions thrown to you by your girlfriend/ wife!

  • Who : Vimmu
    What : Back to.the country !!!
    Tangy : It’s always very hard to shift to an all new place. Vimmuuu has shifted from Chennai to Trivandrum & his two ‘wonly’ friends there are shifting somwhere else! Flip through this post to know Trivandrum and Chennai through Vimmuuu’s eyes! Thank you IHM for this tip. 🙂

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