Contest: Write a Tribute to your Mom!

‘God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers’ and ‘of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother’, says the wise. Mother’s day is round the corner. On this occasion, let everyone know how special your mom is. Write a tribute/poem to your Mother and you stand to win some very exciting goodies. Read on…

BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO, is proud to announce a ‘Tribute to your Mom’ contest.

So what is the contest all about? Very Simple:

  • Write a blog post in less than 750 words with a tribute to your mom and include a special gift for your mom! For gifts, visit PringOO website and you will find an interesting array of products. Choose the one that you feel can be the best gift for your mom or suitable for your post, and embed the widget (Here is an example) available from the right bottom of the product page in your Blog post.
  • Needless to say, add a Link in your blog post, mentioning this BlogAdda contest announcement AND leave a comment here (stating the link to your post), so we know for sure, that you are participating.

The contest runs an entire week, starting Wednesday May 05, ’10 and ends on Tuesday, May 11, ’10.

Results will be announced on the BlogAdda website by Friday, May 14, ’10.

And here’s the most interesting part, the TOP THREE winning entries can choose personalized goodies (T-Shirt/Mug) from Pringoo and will also be showcased on the BlogAdda website for the entire duration of the contest. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your pen, er, keyboard and start writing. Never before you had a chance that you stand to win for something as dear as this – Tribute to your Mother.

Note: If you have earlier published an entry about your mom and want to participate, add fresh content to it and publish again with the terms & conditions mentioned above. Just submitting the old entries would not work since they are not discovered to your current readers and we are looking for fresh creative content. New entries are recommended.

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  1. @Chetan – That was quick. 🙂

    @Irene – You haven’t chosen a relevant widget with your post.

    @Vani – Thank you for your participation. Ps read the updated note at the bottom of the entry.

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  3. admin,

    As i had said, i wanted to write something similar very soon but your contest made me do that faster 😉

  4. Thanks Irene, Asif and Sandhya.

    Chetan – 🙂

    Thank you Uma. Point noted. We will let Pringoo know about it.

    Suruchi, yes it is wonderful to read about so many awesome mothers. BTW, you should embed that widget on your blog post with a link back to this contest.

    Amrita, thank you. We have sent you a DM on twitter.

  5. Hi!
    My son is traveling and this is what he writes for me that I quote here.

    Don’t be surprised if she laughs at you..
    Laughs even louder when she is not expected to..
    She can play around with sofas and change settings all the time..
    Get her a new decorative and you see her face shine..
    She loves her little macbook and blogs away to glory..
    Every 10 minutes she’s ready with a new story..
    She loves to stay in touch..
    You can always expect a mail..
    But you’ve got to see her expression if you ask for gingerale..
    Wears lovely clothes and will check if her jewellery has matched..
    You ask her to do something and she says “ I am detached’’..
    I love my mommiiee so much and its for her I always pray..
    Keep my hugs ready mom and celebrate moms day!

  6. oh? my dearest & sweetest mother ,
    it is only u who brought me on this earth,
    so I got this opportunity to extend my felicitation
    to u on this pious occassion of Mother’s day.
    how glorified I feel by taking participation in the cotext
    and I m assured to come out with a suitable rewards
    by yr grace,though u r not on this earth,matters little,
    u r an eternal soul now but always with me in my memory.
    not to trouble more my mom,u always bless us from heaven.
    yr’s & only yr’s loving son,
    kailash thakur,retd.joint commissioner.Govt of Bihar

  7. Thank you everyone for a wonderful response. Two quick notes – make sure you put up the widget and link back to this contest from your post. In case, you are not able to put the code for the widget, give a link back to Pringoo page of the design you like the most. That should work of now.

    Once again, we look forward reading your tribute and thank you for your participation.

  8. for Amritha Thavrani…. this is very natural… artificial,lovely and sweet lines…. it is true that we can not be as strong and supportive as………..our MAA can………….

  9. लबों पे उसके कभी बददुआ नहीं होती……,
    बस एक मां है,जो मुझसे खफा नहीं होती…..

    मेरी ख्वाहिश है की फिर से फरिस्ता हो जाऊ……,
    मां से इस तरह लिपट जाऊ की बच्चा हो जाऊ…..

    मां वह सुन लेती है जो बच्चा नहीं कहता..
    दुनिया में बस एक ही खूबसूरत बच्चा है, और वह हर मां के पास है….

  10. My dearest mummy,

    you are a true painter of our life. Draw the lines with your prayers. Erase errors with forgiveness, Dip the Brush with lots of patience and colours it with lots of love and care. Happy Mothers day

  11. My mother cooked what i like , did things what is good for me , shared and felt my happiness and sorrow . I used to ask her what she liked ,but the answer was always a smile.I realised that my question was unanswered even after her demise. When i look back , i realise now that she likes her son to be happy always . Only mothers can be like that.

  12. This is my entry for Mother’s day.

    Sometime in Dec last year, a day which could pass off as the most disappointing day in my life – there was one lady who held me tight while I sat on the bed wailing inconsolably. This too shall pass, and you will make it to a really good company. You have to be strong is all she said.

    It took me 5 months to get placed in a company, but all through these 5 months of despondency, the lady never lost faith in me. You will make it is all she said- and it happened with a bang! I had to beat 250 candidates to get to the final round, and I was offered the job even before everybody else knew their verdict.

    This is for the lady who has stood beside me like the pillar of strength. Not once has she let her disappointment show- every time somebody decided to put me down, she’s been there by my side, holding my hand and has helped me cross every hurdle life has thrown my way with dignity. I think that’s more important than anything else.

    She has supported every decision of mine, the non-engineering course. The rest of my family warned her saying – no engineering – no career, she was the only one who raised her voice and green signaled me to follow my dreams. She gamely bought applications for; BA Eng Lit from Stella Maris and BA in Journalism from MOP. I pursued neither.

    In all these years of growing up, there has not been one incident that’s made me say a thing against her. I know its clichéd when I say my mom is my best friend. It is the case with every girl, for she is the one – who feeds you, nurtures you, dreams along with you, supports you, corrects you when you go wrong, spends every waking hour praying for living her life for you, and also appreciates every little thing you make for her. Be it that badly drawn caricature in school or that greeting card with a scrawny handwriting or that half baked cake, and that semiya upma with no salt.

    Forget all this – she appreciates it when I clean my room without her having to lecture me about it, cleaning the kitchen after waging a war with ingredients, even that hot cup of coffee after a hard day at the office makes her day!

    I’m growing up to be the little version of hers. But there are some characteristics I can never replicate for the life of mine. She is never opinionated about anybody, every time I bitch bout somebody, she stops from bullshitting and says – we must accept people the way they are. And she lives by example; she had an awful SOB for a manager a few years back, and she never let it show. Instead of losing her cool over it, she channelised her emotions to prayer. She knows more about my friends than I do. She makes friends in a jiffy and keeps in touch with them over the years, which includes remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

    Her adaptability to different situations amazes me – the way she handled her transfer to her branch 20kms away, or the way she has handled that culture shock that struck her 25yrs back when she came down to good old Madras from Bombay where she was free to do whatever she wanted.

    She has moulded me into what I am today, and in the process has also passed on a few enviable qualities – I can cook. I’ve become more tolerant towards people, developed a liking for Hindi movies and those old songs. I’ve learnt the art of talking to people. There is a teeny weeny ounce of belief that I can do what I want to do, and there is tremendous power in prayer. All thanks to Amma!

    Funnily she calls herself “Auro” – thanks to a screening of Paa. Her argument is – she is old bodily, but deep down inside, she is still as old as I am. And what’s worse, I’ve seen people compliment her saying, she doesn’t look a year older than 35, well in that case; it makes me and my brother illegal :P. Instead of listening to my argument, she basks in the glory, and laughs it off after that.

    Looking at her, I can’t help but agree though.

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  14. @admin: Sorry here’s the link to the Pringoo merchandise I create.. i couldn’t embed the link in my post -


    In a world of make believe
    You can change all that you see
    But in the world of reality
    You’ve taught me all that I need

    Time like a river flows
    Twisting and turning all the way
    Life is an endless road
    You’ve been with me day by day

    The only way
    I can thank you
    Is to be the best that I can be
    If we hold on together
    Just you and me

    A mother’s love is forever
    A mother’s love is for free
    It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad
    She’s there for whatever you need

    In the world of fantasy:

    Hold on to your dreams
    Open up your heart and see
    All the love you need is me

    Time like a river flows
    Twisting and turning all the way
    Life is an endless road

    You’ve been with me day by day

    You are you and I am me
    You’ve made me all that I am
    Heart to heart and hand to hand
    Always there to understand

    A mother’s love is forever
    A mother’s love is for free
    It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad
    She’s there for whatever you need

    Doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad
    There’s nothing like
    a Mother’s Love

  16. Thankyou BlogAdda for such a wonderful and thoughtful contest..I was just wondering how I could write my mum a tribute in a unique way…And this contest is a simple and honest way I can do it..The widget from PringOO has also taken me down memory lane..I used to pick up some wonderful, mushy gifts like these to see mumma smile on Mother’s Day!!! I tried to make her feel special and make amends for all the trouble I gave her on other days..:D
    So am participating in the contest and the direct link to my post is

    With reiterated Thanks

  17. Also Ive made a new post dedicated to BlogAdda’s contest with appropriate links and the direct link to my entry (poem) that the tribute is available as fresh content to my recent readers….Is that OK??

  18. Here’s our blog entry dedicated to our Borrower-Mothers across India!

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  19. Thank you everyone for participating. These are great reads and we are humbled by the response. Surekha Pillai (on Twitter @surekhapillai) is the judge for the contest and the winners will be announced on Friday. Once again, thank you all and we look forward for your participation on a continual basis. Come back in a few hours to know about another exciting contest!

  20. Sometime ago I wrote a post titled some posts on my mother in Hindi titled

    ‘अम्मां – बचपन की यादों में’,
    ‘यहां सेक्स पर बात करना वर्जित है’
    ‘करो वही, जिस पर विश्वास हो’
    ‘अम्मां – अन्तिम समय पर’

    They are at

    My writings are copylefted. You can use them as you wish.

  21. Hey There

    Today Let Me Talk About My Mom She Is Very Pleasent Very Caring And Very Smiling. She Wakes Up Before I Get Up Sometimes She Gets Angry And Shouts Meetoo But I Know That She Does This As She Cares For Me A Lot.
    I Must Say That She Stood Beside Me When Everyone Left My Hand In My Bad Times Also I Say That She Always Supports Me When Iam Facing Some Bad Situation And Consoles Me When I Get Depressed.

    Today I Say That MOM You Are Heart Of My Life And I Love You…………….

  22. Dear All,

    This is no post for competition. Just a few weeks back, I had the lovely chance to listen to a few words which my mom was telling to my dad and some of these words have changed my life once and for all. Mothers are so close to us and at times I just sit and wonder, what would I do without her. Well, here’s a tribute for my mother, a woman who I cherish and treasure always. My tribute to my most loved lady………..

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