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A girl child is killed at your home. A child goes uneducated, parents are humiliated and a family member dies, even for a curable disease. Every minute. Every day. Every year. Yes, at your home. Your India, your home, your motherland. Humanity is being strangulated to death. It is gasping for some kindness. Some mercy. Begging to live. Don’t let it die. Let it live, to make this world a happier place to live in. Let it live, to stay alive in our hearts. Let it live, for our present and future.

The present equation is Less Love | More Fights. Let’s change this. Let’s make it More Love | Less Fights. People are fighting over small & personal issues. If you want to fight with something then fight against the social issues and eradicate it from the society.

Let’s add humanity to our festival list. Come, join hands and celebrate humanity with people who already are doing it.

UPDATE: The next step of Bloggers Social Responsibility is here. Read, Blog, Share!

Here is how you can help make this happen.

BlogAdda is taking the initiative, you join hands and make it grow. Corporates are executing their responsibility. They give it back to the society through what is called as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is where a corporate company takes up a social cause and tries to support the cause and improve the conditions of that problem.

  • Like Aditya Birla contributes towards education, agriculture development, women empowerment
  • Cannon India in association with UNICEF towards ‘Awaaz Do‘, campaign for child education
  • Adlabs Cinemas which works towards issues concerning girl child by tying up with a NGO called Nanhi Kali and many more great corporates like these

Like CSR, we are now introducing BSR, Bloggers Social Responsibility. A blogger, like everyone else is also socially responsible. We all know the power of words. So, why not use this power to make our home, our India, a better place to live in? To make it or break it, is in your hands, in your words. Let us help the people who are doing some exemplary work to make living conditions better of our home.

Tell us about a NGO/NPO/Organization which is working towards any particular social issue. Or even better, suggest that NGO/NPO/Organization to come here and fill in their details. If you are supporting or working towards a cause then we would like to hear the story. We will feature such NGO/NPO/Organization’s at your Adda and give them the much deserved appreciation and helping hands. The bloggers at the moment can help them by promoting them and letting us know about the NGO/NPO/Organization which you support or know of. Social media is the best and the least expensive way to reach out to the masses. So let’s use it for a better cause.

BlogAdda invites NGO/NPO/Organization’s working for social issues to come and share their details with us. The bloggers can help by supporting them. We can carry the voice of such NGO/NPO/Organization’s and spread it to the masses. We have the power to do it. So let’s pledge to do something good for our home. Let us be the reason for someone’s happiness. Let’s start!

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Go ahead and write in below.

13 Replies to “Bloggers Social Responsibility”

  1. great idea! I basically contribute regularly to Seva Sada, R K Foundation and Goonj. But I am even more involved with all the construction site children I see, wherever I travel. And share extra clothing and food with them. Then there are the local flower-sellers and other “small” business people who are around – with whom to share things. πŸ™‚

    As bloggers, we can blog about any social cause, I guess. πŸ™‚

  2. By blogging about social issues we can in a small way increase awareness about poverty, environment, children, etc. Let us come together to make the world a better place πŸ™‚

  3. BlogAdda deserve all laurels for taking up such a laudable activity.
    All bloggers may please publicize this to the maximum. I have done so on StumbleOn and LinkedIn
    Helping the NGOs appearing on this site can certainly be a matter one’s personal choice and experience.

  4. More and more, social media and blogs are becoming true agents of change, so an idea like this makes total sense. Whether it’s through viral posts or something like a hashtag campaigns, they can truly make a difference. This seems like a great idea for combining everything and I am curious to see how it ended up turning out.

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