Perky Tweets – Dec 6, ’10

BlogAdda's perky TweetsHow many of you think that Public Transporting system in India should play radio stations or even show live tv? Bolo Bolo? We do not think so! Why? Because there is someone or the other who plays their radio on loudspeaker and watch movies on their mobile. Why not Sneak Peak then. :p If you think this was a sad joke and did not make you laugh then we have something else to compensate it. They are called the #perkytweets. Here they are.

Ponting may be better served to become # Punter and Clarke is playing true to his nickname #pup – The #Ashes imPACT #perkytweets

Hi, I’m Mayawati. I’m responsible for a thousand erections. #politicianpickuplines

Scam of the day: @ikaveri was sitting quietly minding her own business, monitoring twitter w/o saying any thing

If Wikipedia used m-seal they would never had wiki-leak #perkytweets

If Australia were a dish they are being overCOOKed right now #perkytweets

dolly bindra’s pic was sent to ripley’s believe it or not.guess wat they returned the pic saying we cant believe !!!!!!

Boozing is an art form which is used to convert a man into ‘Keshto Mukherjee’. #perkytweets

BarkhaDutt is planning to join BSP. She also hates “Manu”wadis now. #perkytweets

#perkytweets Official Scam : 15 days of Parliament logjam, running and shouting MP’s cost the country 95 crores. And counting

“nobody killed jescica” to have a sequel soon, titled “nobody leaked barkha!” #perkytweets

Dear Wikipedia. Instead of Jimmy Wales, if you use Katrina Kaif’s pic (read Sheela) people might actually click that link. kt

Well, that’s my Christmas ruined. I’ve just seen on #WikiLeaks what my parents have got me. #PerkyTweets

If that’s really an ‘LOL’ in my bank balance email from the bank, I must say it is completely rude. #perkytweets

#politicianpickuplines ” Mujhe PR karogey na ‘

maid catwalks in after two days no show. Itna kaam karwaunga isse aaj ki aur do din kahi jaane laayak ni rahegi.

Pakistan is practicing intrusion from last 40 years,yet Mussaraf Saab asking for Visa to visit India. #Perkytweets

My bed is full of books.. So ‘m sleeping on the floor !! #vtu#perkytweets

Will I be eligible for the BPL card for the last 3 days of every month? #perkytweets

We hope you have enjoyed reading the Perky Tweets. Share them with your friends and spread smiles! Do mark your tweets with #perkytweets for us to easily spot your tweet and win personalised t-shirts by Infibeam (To view how the t-shirts look like, visit our facebook page at The winners last time were @satanbhagat @silv3rglee & @ranukhan and were chosen by @thehumerus with these winning Perky Tweets.

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