Visual Perky Tweets Dec 3, ’10

Rajnikanth’s PA’s PA called us this week and thanked us for featuring Thalaiva’s photo in the last week’s Visual Perky Tweets.:) Do you want your twitpics to be seen by thousands of best people around? Then, tag your pictures with #perkytweets and best of them get featured here. Time now to check out the ‘Visual #perkytweets’ for this week.

The first one – @krishashok

Motion Sensor #Fail Visual #PerkyTweets –

Progress of the Millinium. India outshines all – @PrateekBagri

Who says only twitter people have sense of humor? – @fakingnews

Oops someone forgot the railway crossing gate? – @effayeffay

This one shared by @allusirish

Spouse and car both missing. What to do for this spam @VodafoneIn? – @iamShishir

Clearly ppl don’t even know how to spell Qatar… – @akkiman

This is how #facepalm started – @nikster007

Hope that you enjoyed watching these. Do check out the first and second version of Visual Perky Tweets and have fun. Tip us

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