BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 04, ’10

Spicy SaturdayWikileaks is doing the news rounds recently as the site publishes and comments on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct. Should censorship have a place in Wikileaks or unedited versions of important documents should be put up without any actions? What can one term as privacy or confidential? Bloggers around the world are blogging their point of view. Do your part. But before that, let’s enjoy the weekend with the best blog posts of this week!

  • Who : Smitha
    What : Boys, no? They are like that only!
    Spicy : Gender differences while a baby is born and brought up has always persisted in India. Smitha shows us a new angle to the gender differences, wherein, the (bad) behaviour of a child is also subject to gender. Boys are labeled to be naughty and short tempered and girls cry babies! Read on to know how irresponsibly parents are raising up their children! Tip: IHM

  • Who : Sindhu Subramaniam
    What : Etiquette or Eti-Quetty???!!
    Spicy: Do you know what are the etiquettes while you are holding an umbrella in the rainy season or when you are using a cell phone and talking on it in public places? Well, a less known fact is put up as a must-read post by Sindhu! Check it out!

  • Who : Kalyan Karmakar
    What : ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’…My PG Aunty
    Spicy: Have you been a PG for a while now? Do you remember or have been in contact with your landlord after you left? Kalyan Karmarkar has been. And the sweet ‘PG aunty’ also remembers him! Read on where he is sharing with us part of his memories with the sweet aunty!

  • Who : Jayanta Deka
    What : Online journalism, at mess
    Spicy : Fed up of Television & Newspaper journalism, we switch to Online journalism. But the scenario is depleting to what the former one is now. Headlines & pictures which are no way closer to what the ‘news’ is about! Head over to this post where Jayanta is talking about the ruthless condition of online media!

  • Who : Hip Hop Grandmom
    What : On motherhood………
    Spicy : Is a woman who is not a biological mother to her child, is less of a mother? Or does a surrogate mother has less of motherly feelings when she parts way with her child? Certainly not. A mother is a mother, whether biological or not. Hip Hop Grandmom pens down her views and takes on this topic. A sure read it is!

  • Who : Verbivore
    What : One Year Journey so far!
    Spicy : Verbivore’s son is a year old now! She shares her experience being a mother and what she has learnt from his son. Being a mother surely is the toughest and most delightful experience. Congratulations to Verbivore! 😀 Read on!

  • Who : Neelima
    What : Kodachadri – On Cloud Nine!
    Spicy : Neelima has penned down a travelogue of her visit to Kodachadri. She talks about the nature views, amazing trek and much more! Feel the experience in her blog!

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