What Men Want Winners announced

We have done our bit in trying to know ‘What Men Want‘ and Google agrees with us as the search results have increased to 307,000,000 results from 301,000,000 results after we published this contest. 🙂 It is now time to pick up the three winners whose wants were unique and were loved by the judge. Wait! Who is the judge? Jamshed Rajan aka Jammy, naam toh suna hi hoga!

Want to know how awesome he is? Read his 2-part interview (Part I and Part II) that will make you laugh. Our sources in Delhi say that ladies love him and he knows exactly ‘What a Man wants?’. We cannot find a better judge for this than him, can we? 🙂 Jammy is at your adda to declare the winners. Jammy, its all yours. 🙂

Jammy writes:

Megha’s piece onWhat Men Want? details out men as they actually are. I was reading thro’ the list and kept repeating “Ohh yeah!” “Ohh yeah!” again and again. For a moment I felt like Pamela Andersen.who again is something all men want. 😛

Rukhsana looks at What Men Want? from a professional’s perspective. She is an architect and lists out what her men clients want. Because of her approach, for once sex didn’t figure in her article.

Raksha Bhat starts off her piece with “What Men Want is not a difficult question, neither easy” and comes up with a piece that’s emotional & objective at the same time. She says: “If devastating prettiness can woo them, gadgets and repairs can keep them simply occupied. Men are meant to be out in the open, and by natural tendency all of them hate being caged in any manner against their will”.bingo, you got it dearie!

Naveen KR questions the contest’s topicWhat Men Want? and then has the nerve to participate. He says: “It’s not the gender that defines wishes, but personality and character. A person with a very serious outlook about life may have a set of things that he wanted in life, irrespective of him being an M/F. ” As somebody whose second favourite color is purple (first being pink) this man-judge has to agree with him.

Meanwhile Hayaah from Riyadh feels boxing a man isn’t a good idea. I had half a mind to contact her and tell her that if she doesn’t feel that boxing a man is good, she should try kicking boxing instead. It generally works.

Ugich Konitari comes up with many small poems inside a big huge poem to explain What Men Want. Ugich describes the day of a poor Mumbaikar to explain how he already has what he wants in life. And how the needs of a manaren’twhat contribute to the stand up comedy shows.

Mehak makes a list of things that men want and in the end tells us “Men amaze me, puzzle me, amuse me, all at once.”

Hanif Murad tells a story of one of his many loves. His narration ends with the lady repenting about not marrying him when she had the chance. Every man on the face of this Earth would have such an incident hidden deep in their hearts – just that sometimes their lady love wouldn’t know about it.

While reading Imroz Naqvi‘s piece I wondered if he was writing about What Men Wantor ‘what women want’.for contrary to what the others in the contest were saying he believes that men want constructive dialog (while I believe, they don’t want any conversation to last more than three sentencesunless it is on cricket or Katrina Kaif). He also says men want support & security (while I believe, by support, men mean anybody who is pretty & will take his calls when he is idling or smoking or has had a few beers). Good analysis, none the less.

While most of the articles retained their humor while trying to strip the men, the one by Pratibha Singh was very serious in its content. It really did strip the men of the holier than thou stance, with a lot of truth for sure. I am going to keep her blog away from my wife.

Pinky on the other hand says women are cats and will do as they please & men and dogs have to get used to the idea. She also describes why only three things matter most to men – Food, Sex & Silence. If I were Pinky, I would make it Food, Sex & Sex. Why start a word with ‘S’ and not end up writing ‘Sex’?

Subtle Scribbler does an experimental post. He/she (couldn’t find the genderneither from the post nor the blog) says that men’s wants change with their age and it only makes sense to look at them separately. I so agree. When I was 18, I was looking for 18 year old girls.now that I am 35 I am looking for around 25-30 year old girls.

Adi & Trupz interview the man among them to come up with the answers to the question ‘what men want’. And she finishes the article with a nice poem which I would strongly recommend.

Finally, as every pretty celebrity on TV says, “You got to trust me when I say all the bloggers who participated were winners” . I loved reading all the posts.some of them were mentioned in this article only because they suited my way of thinking. If someone more mature (a lady perhaps?!) had been the judge she would selected a different set of blogs/winners.

The winners listed below were selected based on:

  1. Relevance to the topic
  2. Approach to the topic
  3. Writing Style

*And a little bit of crowd sourcing where, I went thro’ the comments to see how well it was received. This was to normalize any biases that I might have.

And the three winners, in no particular order, are:

Congratulations to all the winners. Check your inbox for a mail from us soon. Thank you Jammy for taking out time for judging this contest and with a detailed winning post. You always make us smile. Readers, for more fun, visit his blog Ouch my toe and follow him on Twitter.

7 Replies to “What Men Want Winners announced”

  1. i wonder how cudnt u figure out my gender :O i think the ‘about me’ section in my blog would have fetched the answer that i m a girl 🙂 nehow, thnx for mentioning the post!

  2. Hey Jammy,

    Thanks for declaring me as one of the winners.

    More than that I liked your summation:

    “Hanif Murad tells a story of one of his many loves.” Ha ha. LOL.

    All the best.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners!

    A humble thanks for considering my serious post worth a mention amongst the note worthy…

    Oh, and I must add, to Mr. Judge himself, ”Kickboxing was my secret! How’d you see that through? *runs off to hide the mushed out bodies*”

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