What Women Want

What Women Want – This question has perplexed people since generations. And there are so many of you who already know. Women bloggers can write down about what they want while guys can write down what they ‘know’ about Women! Enjoy while you write and make it fun to read. At the end, let’s enlighten thousands of souls! πŸ™‚ BlogAdda is proud to announce this week’s contest called ‘What Women Want‘.

BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO, is proud to announce this week’s contest called ‘What Women Want’.

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The contest runs an entire week, starting Wednesday Jun 23, ’10 and ends on Tuesday, Jun 29, ’10, 11:59 pm IST. Hurry Up!

Results will be announced on the BlogAdda website by Friday, Jul 2, ’10.

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Update: The judge for this contest is Meeta Kabra of WOGMA. She can be found on twitter at @meetumeetu

138 Replies to “What Women Want”

  1. what a woman wants this is a very complicated question. if that woman is a mother then she wants that her child always be on top in that field where he/she stands now. if a woman is a sister then she wants his brother/sister shold always with her either in joy or in sorrow. if woman is a daughter then she want her mother and father live long. if a woman is a wife then she wants physical and spritual love from her husband. love from her in-laws and also want that they all love her and care her.

  2. @Vipul: aren’t you defining woman in relation to man(oh I noticed you included some women too). Can’t you for once try to see her as her own person and then think what she wants for herself and not for people in her life?

  3. @Vipul: I second Richa. Dont you think it`s a little presumptuous to define a woman in terms of the roles thrust upon her by a demanding (read primitive) society, instead of defining a woman in her own rights???

  4. @allthecrap This will work if you repost it by fulfilling the terms and conditions. πŸ™‚

  5. @allthecrap You have to create a new post fulfilling the terms and conditions. It would be great if you can add your current viewpoints as well. This is done so that your readers know about it.

  6. “to a given stimulus every woman reacts in the same manner; only the degree of reaction differs” !! This basically answers the question in concern. Now the women perpetually try to move towards perfection within their area of influence governed by the means of resources they have.

    To explain this clearly:
    – mother wants to give the child best possible food, education, health, upbringing but wants ownership and belongingness in reciprocity.
    – wife is ready to give everything, i mean everything to the husband but wants ownership and belongingness in reciprocity.
    -Girlfriend, sister, teacher, maid every female related or associated with you would want perfection in the relations thru various means or by giving away a part of herself but for a certain degree of ownership and belongingness in reciprocity.

    At last, for herself as well, she tries to reach the perfection but within the available resources, thru make-up, dresing up, cooking. . . .or ten diff means.

    Give her affection and a feeling of belongingness and all is well !!

  7. well, there is nothing wrong in giving one’s viewpoint and let reader decide for him/herself. what women wants is perhaps one of the most difficult question to be answered, still there are answers which is correct to a great extent. the first and foremost thing that a women wants is a life of self respect, dignity and an identity of her own. In fact it is changing from sense of security to this level. In primitive time when women was treated as a comodity of the winner they wanted security as they had no other option but to accept the winner but now with the change of time they are far more secured and with that there want list has changed but since still there is a long way to go and because they are still vulnerable on some account they want a life of self respect, dignity and identity of their own.

  8. Great psychoanalysis Freud asked long long ago “What woman want from man ?I never understand”.Nietzsche great German philosopher wrote” if you want go to woman go with your whip”.Russian novelist Tolstoy wrote”What I want tell about woman that I will tell last moment of my life and immediately close my eyes”What woman want from man is mystery , woman always keep mum ,never disclose his secrete.Woman is always puzzle to man, man never understand psychological nature of woman.I think when woman open her secrete than only we can understand her true nature.Why woman donot want disclose her secrete?One possibility that she afraid to man so she hate him.By nature woman is weak so she always take a roll to please the man.After all there are many answer to this question, yes we must study the psychology of woman from different angle than may be we can find out real answer.Till woman remain mystery

  9. Hi i have now finally been able to add the pringoo.com widget.. But couldnt get the image of the personalized gift.. I hope that’s not a problem !

  10. Hi! What does a woman want? I Suppose the topic meant what a woman wants from a man. OK. I am a woman and I ‘ll tell u what I want from a man. A total acceptance of me as I am. It does not matter if the man has views different from mine but as long as we give space to each other to be ourselves-it is fine. I suppose it holds good for any two individuals who are friends but this factor is mandatory in marriage.Let us love each other, show understanding and tolerance but above all let us enjoy the differences we bring into this world and not try to control each other.

  11. WOW! We are enjoying the responses and are sure everyone is. Keep them coming.

    @Tilottama – The judge for this contest is Meeta Kabra of WOGMA. She can be found on twitter at @meetumeetu

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  13. being a woman this entry of mine is very close to my heart as it represents me -a woman ultimately.read it and feel it.

  14. women wants are many compared to men….firstly a women wants security such as financial security,mental security,spiritual security,physical security…..if she finds these then she can lead a happy life……

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  16. This is my entry .

    Treat her in par with you . Take her into confidence . Give her enough space &responsibility. Let her feel that she is the equal contributor to the family welfare.
    Never step on the emotions of a woman. You know, she may sometimes complaint about her family, about her brother, or her father, or her mother. You should not agree with that. If you do, then she will take a U turn. Never insult her family. Don’t stop her to go for shopping, or going to a spiritual or religious program. If she wants to go for shopping, give her your credit card. Never ask for the proof of her love . Don’t ask , β€œDo you really love me? You don’t love me these days just like old days”. Do everything with some style and some smile.

    This is what every woman wants.

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  19. Today, i have visited my all previous ….mails … and where …..i read about “blogadda’s ” ‘Topic’ What Women Want ? and this is always ‘green’ topic …so i want to write in my own views or as i m thinking….
    women want – safety, love, family , success, freedom and honour . And want to be reciprocal with….

    Meenakshi srivastava

  20. here is my entry and comment

    It is very dificult to define “WHAT WOMEN WANT”
    There are so many aspects, as woman has many role of in her life as she grows from her child hood.
    Even if we talk about from her married life,once she moved to new family she want & feel that her husband should stand beside her at every step she takes,she also want that all family memebers should give the same respect what she gives to them,etc,etc……………

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