Perky Tweets – Aug 9, ’10

BlogAdda's perky TweetsThis morning we overheard a trivia question. What is common between P. Chidambaram, George Bush and Asif Ali Zardari? Bolo Bolo, tell tell. πŸ™‚ You will find the answer at the bottom of the page. To make your Monday and your week an awesome one we are here with the tweets that will make you smile. Good going, Indian Tweeples. Yeh Dil Maange More.

These page 3 people amuse me. They’re not celebs, they are not common ppl, they are stuck in between. and on the wrong page.

#Reliance ne band baja di. Have been trying to send a PPT to the client since morning – should’ve sent it by telegram instead

The software company hired Anil Kapoor because they wanted to do Beta testing.

New Hindi metaphor for screwing up big time: “Apne hi pair pe Kalmadi maarna”

Afghanistan and Aisha trending together. Now you know how that movie’s gonna do at the box office

Me to Husband: I know the perfect romantic restaurant for discussing the India – Sri Lanka cricket match

I love the inverted snobbery in five-star hotels. You pay large sums of money to be served ordinary coffee fashionably late

Pakistan me Twins baby paida hue, saas boli “Hamare Pakistan ke halaat dekh ker ab bachhe bhi akele aanese darte hai”

I wouldnt have been a stalker if #fb wouldnt have given me those friend suggestions… #perkytweets

Microsoft WORD will never understand that my name is NOT a spelling mistake πŸ™‚ #perkytweets

Versatility if natural can make one a Leonardo da Vinci, and if forced, it can go as bad as a Himesh Reshammiya! #perkytweets

” Laloo ji, you have 10 kids and talk about population control? – Arrey, tab hum opposition me the… ” @venkatananth #perkytweets

I wish I was in that symbi party! *Sigh* Its only crime I can commit! #perkytweets

We should mention our age like this—-> 25*…. 25 not out… #perkytweets

Why do we always want to grow up when we’re young and be younger when we’re old? #perkytweets

Residents of Mumbai be happy & dont crib!!! Ur rental is peanuts compared to treadmill rentals in Delhi CWG !!! #perkytweets

I really hope cell phones aren’t bad for us, but I would like the excuse: ‘I can’t talk right now. You’re giving me cancer.’ #perkytweets

Finally at the age of 24 , I got the woman who said that five words tht I wanted to hear ” my dad owns liquor shop” .#perkytweets

Rahul Mahajan’s status on FB : Give me some SUNSHINE,Give ME some RAIN, Give me another WIFE so that i can beat her ONCE AGain! #PerkyTweets

Since my mom unknowingly used Imraan khan’s poster on a shelf, i stay in the prayer room much longer #perkytweets

Following people who do not follow you back .. is called unconditional love on twitter #Perkytweets

New iPhones will now come pre-loaded with Kamasutra app to explain the best position to hold #perkytweets

*Dabaang* When pronaunced with different accent? . . It makes you feel like a *Gang Bang* . #perkytweets #justsaying #random

What’s the fav chaat item of Celebrity Catholics? Christian Bale #plissexcuse #perkytweets #fb

#Domino’s sent me a flyer wit 1 on 1 FREE offer coupons. Guess I’m not getting any thinner in the next one month! πŸ˜€ #perkytweets

@PrachiRai If u play a Justin Bieber album backwards u hear msgs 4m Satan.Even worse,if u play it 4wards u hear Justin Bieber. #perkytweets

Confucius say girl should not marry basketball player – they dribble before they shoot. #perkytweets

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BTW, the answer to the question is ‘They all were thrown shoes at.’ πŸ˜›

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