BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug 10, ’10

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘What according to you is the most misspelt word in the English language’? According to a study conducted by researchers, ‘Separate’ is the most misspelt word in the English language. In the times of SMS and tweets where people do not care much about spellings, there may be many more such words. 🙂 There are some Indian bloggers with wonderful words though and here are a few posts to savour on this Tuesday – Commonwealth Games are around the corner and a few of them have shared their thoughts on the same.

  • Who : Trailblazr
    What : How We Can Save The Commonwealth Games
    Tangy : Second week in a row we have Trailblazr in our weekly picks. This time for a brilliant post on Commonwealth games. We loved reading his solutions to the problems and are sure that you will too. 🙂

  • Who : Kartik
    What : Commonwealth Games 2010: A Plumbing Problem!
    Tangy : Kartik talks about the Commonwealth Games 2010 and the plumbing problem. We do not want to reveal more on what the post is about as it will spoil the fun. 🙂

  • Who : Rina Chandran
    What : No criticism please, we’re Indian
    Tangy : ‘Are you for the Commonwealth Games, or against’? asks Shekar Gupta echoing George Bush. Rina as a correspondent with Reuters has this thought provoking post on Commonwealth games and the media attention which it is getting.

  • Who : Rajessh Cherian
    Tangy : Looking to travel to Hyderabad? This is one travelogue which you need to bookmark. Rajessh has compiled it beautifully in this must see post.

  • Who : Aditrupz
    What : In which Trupz decided to speak up and speak out
    Tangy : Public transport system across the country have seats reserved for women. What happens when those seats are occupied by men? That is the time when Aditrupz rises and what follows is a must must read. Aditrupz, we are proud to have you at our Adda!

  • Who : Aravind
    What : The train says “Catch me if you can” (a short story)
    Tangy : Haah! Aravind has this story from one day of his life. A story which you need to read till the end to enjoy. Aravind, the next time, please double check always. 🙂

  • Who : Sowmya
    What : Pilgrimage And Pastures
    Tangy : Does it matter which way one goes? The pastures or the pilgrimage? asks Sowmya in this post. To know why this question was asked and what is the answer, you need to read the post.

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