Mera Bharat Mahaan

‘Ye desh hai vir jawaanon kaa, albelon kaa mastaanon kaa Is desh kaa yaaron Hoye!! Is desh kaa yaaron kyaa kahanaa, Ye desh hai duniyaa kaa gahanaa‘. This song was composed in the year 1957. We are entering into the 64th year of Independence. Can we still sing the same song? Does it still evoke the same patriotic feeling? Do you still feel ‘Mera Bharat Mahan‘?

Update: We have extended this contest by a week due to popular demand. The contest will now end on Aug 17, 12.00 am IST

BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO, is proud to announce this week’s contest called Mera Bharat Mahan

  • There is a little bit of India in all of us. We are aware of so many good and a few bad things that happen in India. Most of the people, like us, rant about so many things that the government does not do or support – and we know by executing those things correctly, we would be able to achieve so much more. We would like to believe that constructive suggestions and thoughts lead to action, in this case, corrective action, to things that we would like to see, to feel, to experience. Let’s all collectively share about the things that bother you, what can YOU do individually and what SUPPORT you would require from others to make that happen. Remember, the actions has to benefit not only to you, but the society in general, thereby leading to a small awakening, if we can say so. And this awakening will then lead to many more and give us enough reasons to be proud about our motherland, INDIA. Let us awaken now and profess our love to our nation. Let us rise and show the power of community. Here is the chance.
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The contest runs an entire week, starting Wednesday Aug 4, ’10 and ends on Tuesday, Aug. 10, ’10, midnight IST. Hurry Up!

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100 Replies to “Mera Bharat Mahaan”

  1. It is a compulsion to be proud of ‘Mera Desh Mahan’? Or has one to have something to be proud of? Is this land Mahan merely because we are its inhabitants? Surely there is nothing at present, leave the past, that we can claim to be commendable. Think of the the ‘would-be-held’ Commonwealth Games. Surely we are on the steep path of deterioration. Be proud of what?

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  3. Hey, i had already done my submission, but what i wanted to ask is, how do i link it up with the sponsor site Hope to see my query answered soon.


  4. @naveen You can give a linkback to and if you are not able to add the widget. πŸ™‚

  5. This is my post for this contest – Goodbye
    Participating for the first time at Looking forward for your valuable feedback/comments/criticism. Everything will go back in writing better blog posts.


  6. Hi everybody,
    This is my first blog.
    Mera Bharat Mahan-3 words makes us proud of. We are getting into mid 60s-age for retirement?? I think it is time for us to look back and see what we have given back to the nation. Dont be surprised barring few achievements it is only SCAMS we live with. I am sure you agree that, we have, as many scams as the total population of the nation.
    Now there is time to change ourselves and let us not blame 3 Ps-Politician, Politics and last but not the least POLLUTION. Now think of only the last P-Pollution. Keep something for the generations to come-Save Wter- Save Tree-Save Life. AVOID using PLASTIC. Consume electricity as less as you can-(just switch off lights/gadgets including your CPU when you are not using). Dont cut Trees for the development sake
    Dont waste water. Follow Traffic rules while driving/riding-just think you are not the only one who is using the road-who knows their may be an ambulance on the road and one of us may be inside the ambulance. Avoid taking print-outs-Save Paper.
    Let us use our 2W/4W when it is bare necessary-Save Fuel. in a nutshell keep good things for coming generations to come. Try to erase at least one P

  7. Hi, I’m new to blogging. And this is my first attempt at a contest. Hope I get some good tips & comments. Looking forward to find you at When Sagar Speaks My post is labeled Politics In India: A lopsided Affair

  8. Hello Blogadda,

    We are celebrating 64th Independence day on coming 15th Aug. we remember the great patriotism and people who have spend their precious life for our country…MERA SALAAM UNHEY HAI, MAI UNHE YAAD KARTA HU…UNKE KADAM SE KADAM MILANEY KI KOSHISH KARUNGA…
    One request to all of you, trust your country and countrymen, be loyal and truthful, helpful.
    Be human…

  9. @ Ajay: Nice thought dude! Seems like majority of us have already given up on our nation. But with that attitude, how can we ever hope of making any possible change!

    It is the little drops that make an ocean… little drops like us, who are at least taking an initiative to create a change… even if it is a very small initiative.

    So I will simply echo your words… “trust your country and countrymen, be loyal and truthful, helpful. Be human…”

  10. Update: We have extended this contest by a week due to popular demand. The contest will now end on Aug 17, 12.00 am IST

  11. MERA BHARAT MAHAN , Yes we all Indian should say this because we are Indian.till we have many good and true resion to be proud on our nation.
    hey! but we have to present our nation that whole world say BHARAT MAHAN,[INDIA IS GREAT]
    the maters ,like in parlment how our politions behave, curruption in Comon wealth games, curruption in Sarva shiksha abhiyan, for which we get foreighn help. when such issues are in media the whole world see this, is it get the solution? no , but our image get affeckted.
    yes people should now this but in proper way and at proper time.we have to think how we stop the curruption whether it is in comon man,s daily needs , in weapon purchacing[ life jacket, boforce mig & many known & unknown ].
    instead of bleming government,politions we have to be a part of all activities ,all progrems that are for the people.
    we live in democratic nation it means by the people ,for the people. so we have to be the part of it.
    many times we spend our time in many time killing things instead of this use for some cause.
    we have people like Amte,s[ baba, prakash], Bangs, MEDHA PATKAR,Shri Shri Ravishankar , Baba Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, Tata’s, Krishna Murti Sudha Murti & many more still there are hopes .
    so when we get together no one can stop us only there is aneed of real life hiroes

  12. Mera Bharat Mahan-World’s biggest Democracy- Define Democracy is it BY THE POLITICIAN, FOR THE POLITICIAN and TO THE POLITICIAN.
    iwould like to call it as DEMOCRAZY.

  13. My agenda for making ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’:

    1. Immediately amend the Election Rules by Reforming the Peoples Representation Act and by amending Election Commission rules and hasten the Electoral Reforms. Keep criminals away from mainframe politcs.

    2. Incentivise and make people feel important about their exercising their franchise of voting for majority voters democratic rule.

    3. Also see:

  14. Always remeber we are made of five element Ether or Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Watch your five enemy Pride, Passion, Anger, Jealousy and Greed. Never be slave to five senses Seeing, Smeling, Hearing, Tasting and Touching. Use your five power for welfare of humanity Sacrifice, Courage, Devotion, Patient and Love. Work is Worship.

  15. This is in response to Blogadda’s tweet, What is the #national identity which you would want to change and why?
    I would like to change the Apathy of Indians. Everything has become a joke, and a shrug with I wish I could change but I can’t. Well Indians Can. If we work together and start a movement of India Hour.

    An extract from my earlier (now thanks to time edited) submission

    ” Or make working for other Indians, a culture. Every Month, for One Hour, let all Indians work for other Indians. Have an INDIA HOUR Every Month. When the media focuses on different proactive initiatives, there is going to be a shift in perception of Indians, from thinking, I pay taxes, its others duty to work for India to I am part of India, I have to do something for it and I can do something for it. We can even have a theme for each one month like

    Blood donation,
    Cleaning streets/beaches
    Going to a village or slum and helping people there or assessing their needs,
    Food donation
    Visiting orphanage or elderly homes
    Checking cleaning neighborhood sanitation needs
    Teaching, even if its for one hour, for someone who can’t afford tution or basics
    Interacting with the police and getting to know their problems
    Using less of the scarce resources like water, electricity (Eg Earth Hour)
    Helping the women at home
    Having a discussion on laws that need to be changed
    Interacting with someone who doesn’t share your background.
    Just imagine, Politicians, Celebrities, Media, Sports personalities, and the “commoner” taking action together. Won’t it fill us with pride to participate? To feel we are taking a step for India however small, Together. The theme need not be what I mentioned above, but still, instead of thinking of India on Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanthi, why not Every Month for One Hour at least?

  16. Hi,
    This is not a part of contest as I m not promoting anythings just for sake of contest!
    But , yes I has written a blog post on “Making meaning of Independence” which concern about what does Independence means for a common man(like me) ? and what has changed after the independence in India. Also I have presented my perspective on the issues which are going to decide the future trajectories of India.
    You could have a look at post @
    feedback and comments are more than welcomed !

    Jai Hind Jai Bharat !

  17. “Aug 17, 12.00 am IST” is the night of the 16th, 00.00 of 17th . Your Perky tweets page mentions 2 days left for this competition to end.

    An extra day would be great. But Pl clarify

    (The 11:59 thing was better ) πŸ™‚

  18. I love Blogadda an Indian Blog Community


    tha, hai aur raheyga. This forum pleasant to cheer for India and thanks to Blogadda

  19. Obvious!!!!

    tha, hai aur raheyga

    Thanx to Blogadda for the cheering forum, users can express love to their country

  20. MERA BHARAT MAHAN , The name Bharat is a well accepted in our country. Our national anthem :- Jan gan man adhinayak jay he Bharat bhagya widhata( & not India’s bhagya widhata) 2.Our national pledge :- The very first line is… “Bharat mera desh hai. We BHARAT Desi should promote at the national & international levels , JAI BHARAT!!!

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