BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 06, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksRGV’s next film ‘God and Sex’ is based on Nithyananda Scandal. Hope you have not forgotten him as yet. 🙂 Also Ramdev Baba is starting his own political party. What is with the Godmen and controversies? Chandraswami was one of the earlier one’s who flirted with controversy. Let us leave aside these controversies and focus on what the Indian Bloggers have to say. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who : DesiNinja
    What : What are you wearing?
    Tangy : ‘If you are a female older than 18 then you must have come across this question – What are you wearing now? And guys – you might not even remember how many times you asked this’. says Desininja. We don’t want to say anything more on this but it has made it in our list because it is an awesome read.

  • Who : Usha
    What : The Indian Widow
    Tangy : What is the status of a widow, in India? Why is that if a widow remarries, is brazen but when a widower who does is given sympathy? These are some of the questions in this must read post. Thanks to Solilo for bringing this to our notice.

  • Who : Lakshmi Rajan
    What : My name is Shoaib and I am not married
    Tangy : Here is what Shoaib feels about the controversy which he has gotten into. For the first time, he shares his story through Lakshmi Rajan. A post you will enjoy reading. 

  • Who : Sandeep R
    What : Tigers of Bandhavgarh
    Tangy : In the recently held TEDx Mumbai Kishor Rithe revealed a very startling fact that there are only close to 1000 tigers left and not 1400 as reported by the media. The Tiger density in the Tala zone of this park puts rest of the parks to shame. Sandeep was fortunate to have been able to sight and click some wonderful pictures of the Tiger. A must see post. 

  • Who : Brijesh Nair
    What : IPL will Bring Professionalism to Kerala Cricket– Vinan G Nair
    Tangy : Brijesh Nair has this interview with wicket keeper of Kerala Cricket team Vinan G Nair (VN) to know his reaction to the new Kerala IPL team. Next year IPL will have a team from Kerala and all those interested in cricket, this post is a must read. Ed: Also you might be interested to know that we have a very exciting contest for cricket lovers. Do take a look.

  • Who : Suresh Iyer
    What : Hidden love
    Tangy : We have a brilliant post by Suresh Iyer. A story about love, a story about sacrifice and a story about realization. This is a post where you can expect the unexpected. 

  • Who : Jay
    What : Why #IPL doesn’t trend on Twitter
    Tangy : Ever wondered why #IPL doesn’t trend on twitter regularly? This is one question which is bothering @lalitkmodi and various celebs on twitter & TV air their views to Modi in this post. 

  • Who : Sue Gir
    What : Me too, yes.
    Tangy : A post by Sue to self on how it feels to be a badly behaved mother. As prats said in the comments, you have to decide whether to sympathize or laugh. 

If you are a fan of Cricket, then we have a very exciting contest for you at our adda. Also do read the very interesting round up of TEDx Mumbai by Navin Kabra.

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