Perky Tweets – Apr. 5, β€˜10

BlogAdda's perky Tweets‘The Secret to Yusuf Pathan’s sixes are his Ghar ki Biryani’ says Shilpa Shetty. We wonder what will happen when Yusuf starts getting bored of Ghar Ki Biriyani? Will Shilpa intervene then? :p. In other news, Sh0aib and Sania are grabbing the headlines spot daily. As @b50 said ‘Shoaib + Sania = Shosan = torture (for us to read this non-news every bleddy day)‘. If you are bored of reading the Sania-Shoaib news, read the #perkytweets with them by twitter users from India! πŸ˜›

whenever i read the movie title ‘tum milo to sahi’ my mind auto-completes it with ‘tumhari khair nahi

A group of elephants r on the street.A gorgeous female elephant passes by and a loafer elephant says-WOW-3600-2400-3600

For a state that does so much agriculture, Punjab just can’t field.Β  ……………………………

BAKING NEWS : Sania will play & “display” for India declares Shoaib #loser

If a bitchy model is on the ramp, do we call it a bitch-walk? #perkyTweets

Govt says ‘Save Water’, Abhishek Bachchan says ‘Save Paper’. Aam aadmi potty kaise kare? Give an idea for this sirje.

When Rajnikant does pushups, he isn’t lifting himself up,he is pushing the earth down. #perkytweets

Bappi Lahri said ‘Jai Ho’ is a copy of his Rambha Ho!! ………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……..,,,,,,,,,,….

I think Sania’s marriage should be conducted like “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” but in FTV bcos she is International Rakhi. #perkytweets

You still need more Silicon?? RT @MallikaLA: Just got an iPad! πŸ™‚ I love it!

just heard someone asking someone over phone – what are your extra-circular activities πŸ˜›

Q: What does one use ‘duck’ tape for? A: To seal ‘quacks’! πŸ˜€Β  …………………………..

So Ricky Martin is GAY .. big surprise. I think i would be surprised if Sonu Nigam accepts that he is straight :P. #perkytweets

I subscribed to ‘A Joke a Day’ on my email, now they are sending me one pic of Indian politicians everyday. #perkytweets

Wats the difference B/W plastic bag n a plastic person?U use th former n th latter uses u!similarity-both r hard 2 digest! #perkytweets

Ever wondered what is chetanophobia?? It is the fear of getting blocked πŸ˜› #perkytweets

Financial year starts on Fools’ day!! Now.. that proves everything .. #perkytweets

It’s not fun 2 pull legs always.. Sometimes it’s better 2 spread them #perkytweets

I asked my analytics lead for some projections. She started wearing push-up bras to office. #perkytweets #fb

Girls, how do u knw ur men is a Dog …… Ans: Whn instead of kissing, he starts with sniffing #perkytweets #IPLnights

People from Poland are called polish ppl or POLES… that makes me wonder of ppl from Holland #justcurious #perkytweets

NDTV imagine shud organise Shoaib ka Swayamvar, wid Sania N Ayesha .. I bet it wud give IPL TRP’s a run for its money.! #perkytweets

#perkytweets 1 ladke ne 1ladki ko dekh kar arz kiya, Tere smile me kya chamk hai,Tere smile me kya chamk hai.. Wo muskura k boli, MERE TOOTHPASTE ME NAMAK HAI

Gabbar 2 kalia: Kitne aadmi the??Kalia: sardar main auraton ko dekh raha tha

Every day you spend without a smile, is a lost day. Make someone smile with your #perkytweets. All those who mark their tweets as #perkytweets and make ppl smile – each one of you is simply superb!

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