A chance to win ‘Wide Angle’ by Anil Kumble

Anil Radhakrishnan Kumble, the man who has won more tests for India than any other bowler in the history of Indian Cricket. He is one of only two bowlers in the history of cricket to have taken all 10 wickets in a test innings. But do you know that Anil Kumble is an amazing photographer as well. His passion for photography has driven him to publish a coffee table book called ‘Wide Angle’. Read on to find more about it and chance for you to lay your hands on…

Update: Winners are announced!

BlogAdda and Canvera are pleased to announce a bery bery exciting contest for the fans of cricket and Anil Kumble. Here is what you have to do. 🙂

  • Write a tribute to Anil Kumble on your blog, copy-paste the below code in the post and let us know. The best two entries win an ‘Autographed Wide Angle Book’ by Anil Kumble, each book worth more than Rs 5900.
  • You can copy paste the code from http://qik.li/IFOF
  • The contest ends on 15 April 2010.

So what are you waiting for? Post a fitting tribute to one of the legends of Indian Cricket and win yourself an Autographed book by the man himself. Here are some exclusive photos from the book to give you a brief idea on what you can expect from the book.

Remember you can lay your hands on this awesome book by just writing a tribute to Anil Kumble (which should be easy 🙂 ) . Canvera has built a full e-commerce site that will allow cricket lovers around the globe to preview and buy the book. The book is available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY at http://wideangle.canvera.com.

About Wide Angle: Anil Kumble’s ‘Wide Angle’ brings together the great player’s abiding passions– cricket, photography and wildlife. It gives a glimpse into the lives of his contemporaries, wild animals and candid moments of the authors life. Wide Angle, a coffee table book of rare sensitivity, brings alive personalities while giving a peep into the soul of the man who bowled India to more victories than anyone else. Although it is a book of cricket, it is not a cricket book so much as the story of what it means to be  a player in a country that is so passionate about the sport.

Shining through the pages of Wide Angle are personal experiences of one of the toughest men to have played the game, his unique take on men and matters subtly woven around stories in the dressing room, stories on tour and the sheer joy of capturing moments in history. Kumble began to take pictures as a teenager to stop a “good moment from running away”. There are pictures of Sachin Tendulkar dressed as Gabbar Singh as part of a Sholay  re-enactment for a team building exercise; there are pictures of cake on Rahul Dravid’s face; of Dhoni dressed as Don; of Anil meeting Nelson Mandela. Apart from cricket the section on wild life which covers some absolutely riveting wild life shots is a must see and a wonderful insight into Anil’s passion for photography. Wide Angle is a  repository of memories, intense, casual, and celebratory.

36 Replies to “A chance to win ‘Wide Angle’ by Anil Kumble”

  1. Also I read all of the above entries and I must say, they’re all great, but suranga/ugich konitari ‘s article really caught my eye.

    Great job. hope you continue it…..


  2. Folks,

    Remember 🙂

    “Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
    Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani”

    “You have a right to perform your prescribed action,but you are not entitled to the fruits of your action.
    Never consider yourself the cause of the results your activities,and never be associated to not doing your duty.”

  3. lagta hai the admin is having an easy friday… !!!!

    dudes & dudettes cant wait for the results…. !!!! when is it coming ???

  4. The results will be announced next week! Thank you everyone for the wonderful response.

  5. Hey how long more till two amongst us reap the fuits of patience? Or are teh reults out on some other forum? ;p

  6. @Sagarika @Mohan – We are waiting as well! Prem Panicker (@prempanicker) is the judge for the contest. We will update by today evening the date when the results would be announced. Thank you for your patience.

  7. @ admin – Thanks for the update! And yes WOW! .. the name of the judge makes the waiting period totally worth it!!! 😀

  8. Folks, just be resigned to your fate,
    Nothing to do but just wait and wait,
    Blogadda’s general proclivity
    Belief in Einsteins Relativity,
    And that evenings, like time, do dilate….

  9. One day BlogAdda announced a contest
    thought for its users, it will be a good test
    it was simple, the bloggers had to just contribute
    for a nice gentleman in cricket, a tribute

    Bloggers joined in and were very nice
    Hitchy was the first one to break the ice
    A few good souls joined in later
    to write something good for a great cricketer

    All things end and the contest was over
    best person was the judge, yes, Prem Panicker
    As good chap he is, he picked up the winners
    and wrote a note that would help all bloggers

    BlogAdda called the pandits for an auspicious time
    we could announce results and write something that can rhyme
    they told us the next week sounds good
    excited we were and decided we should

    The two winners will be announced on a weekday
    and the chosen ones are Tue/Wednesday
    enjoy now, be cheerful and in a good mood
    we thank everyone for patience and being so good

  10. oho… !!!! finally we are on the verge… !
    so what if the awards days dont merge…!

    if that dont make sense to you…
    What can I do… !! ❓

    Rhyming aint my forte…
    cricket lover I am hatke… !!!

    Waiting for the results with baited breath…
    so much excitement at this age aint too good for health !!!! 😛 😛 😛

    but such a sport is cricket…
    it always takes my wicket… !!!


  11. Dhak dhak dhak dhak goes his heart,
    BlogAdda bowling, taking a long start.
    He taps the crease,
    And exclaims, “Oh Geez,
    This pitch is funny, and batting is an art ….”

    “I sweep to the left, it goes to the right,
    So many fielders, I will give a good fight,
    Run out saved by diving,
    For a good score I’m striving,
    And the runs are coming , though the bowling is tight…”

    Century mara, on the pitch he has kneeled,
    Admirers uncontrolled, rushing to the field,
    But the Blogaadas just smile,
    And say, “just wait a while,
    We know the result, but our lips are sealed……”

  12. Victory or not I claim,
    the tribute still remains
    the man who withstood pain,
    to play in the spirit of the game,
    and lead our lives thus..
    truly something to learn for us…

  13. Ah!! an eternal wait is about to get over! just realized that today is Tuesday 😀 if not today, the results will be out tomorrow. Keeping the fingers crossed 🙂

  14. Wednesdays in the blog-world are meant to be wordless,
    But this one, this week is full of stress.
    A nail biting finish highly anticipated,
    With full vigor – the results being awaited.

    The atmosphere is tensed in the dressing room,
    The eternal question looms – Victory or Doom?
    The dark circles describe the preceding night,
    Which was definitely spent in plight.

    Never had the cricket world seen so many night watch men,
    Aaah ladies don’t irk, you too – Amen!
    They say Sachin dreams about the bowler before the match,
    But all I could see was the ‘book’ I seek to snatch!

    I was so close in hitting my victory run,
    When I saw Hitchy, Minal, Kanagu, Ugich standing with a gun.
    So you think, they started to say,
    That victory will come so easily your way?

    Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead,
    They tried to snatch the book while my heart bled.
    The tugging followed with Harsha’s voice looming abound,
    And mind you this was all amidst a cricket ground.

    The crowd roared, the temperature soared,
    The camera covered all angle narrow and wide,
    It covered the runs, the falls, the catches and the glide.
    At last with long strokes came Jumbo with his ‘quicker’,
    Followed closely by our good old Panicker.

    Not far away stood the Canbera and the Blog Adda men,
    ‘This is the last’ they murmured – we cannot take so much strain.

    The pedestral was set and the curtains were up and done,
    We stood there still not knowing who had won.
    Each one of us mentally reciting the victory speech,
    While on face we repeat the eternal Karma Speech!

    All the Best guys!

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