BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 3, ’10

Spicy SaturdayMBA Grad Abducted, Raped in Pune‘ is the headlines in Hindustan times in Mumbai today. Incidents like this raise a very important issue which our society is facing these days. Are Women in India Safe? Why are incidents like this repeatedly occurring in India? What can we do to make women feel safe in India? We need answers. In other news, Solilo posted a very interesting tweet which said ‘Shiv Sena’s weird logic: Sania  is a Pakistani after marriage but Sonia Gandhi is still an Italian‘. What can we say about Indian Politicians after this? :P. More such thoughts and views in this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks.

  • Who : Anil P
    What : Books Travellers Read in Mumbai Locals– Part I
    Spicy : Many people in Mumbai spend a lot of time in commuting from one place to another. Anil has clicked the books which are read by commuters in the #mumbailocals. A post you will enjoy viewing. 🙂

  • Who : Gursimranjeet Khamba for The Faking News
    What : An open letter to Sania Mirza (returned by postal department)
    Spicy : Khamba has this Open Letter to Sania Mirza representing the teenagers ‘whose access to good looking Muslim women ended with Jemima Khan’s posters‘. LOL, we laughed over this line ‘Do you realize Asif Ali Zardari might end up at your wedding and make cheesy-ass remarks while grinning from ear to ear?‘. Laugh over more such lines in this must read post.

  • Who : Siddhesh
    What : A ‘Manhood’ tale
    Spicy : Here is a tale by Siddhesh which conveys a very important message in a humorous but relevant way. In times like these, hope people understand the message and get educated.

  • Who : GreatBong
    What : Pakistan Round Up
    Spicy : When Greatbong posts somethings, it always has a lot of hidden messages coated with his impeccable sense of humour. As you all know by now that Sania is becoming a bahu in our neighboring country, Greatbong has his views on the same. (Read his interview)

  • Who : Anup Bishnoi
    What : The IITs– Factory and the Copycat Problem
    Spicy : This is a post different from what has been portrayed about IIT in various Novels and Movies. Here is the first hand account of what really happens in IIT. A must read.

  • Who : Vittaldas Prabhu
    What : A Senseless Rendezvous with Intent
    Spicy : Vittal! Loved the concept and loved the way you have scripted the story. It is so realistic and makes it an awesome read. Readers, a post you cannot miss reading.

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