BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 9, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksRahul Mahajan says ‘This wedding is second birth for me’. What has happened to Indian Television and its viewers? Are we moving into something really scary and as Greatbong said in his interview that ‘I am looking for India’s first televised murder and/or amputation (preferably done without anesthetic) to make its way onto the airwaves in a few years’. What do you think? There are other issues and experiences in life which Indian Bloggers post week after week and we pick the best out of them to serve you. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who : Sagarika Chakraborthy
    What : Blog for International Women’s Day!
    Tangy : ‘This Women’s Day my idea of equality is my right to stand up against female foeticide – to make people aware that every healthy foetus has the equal right to live a dignified life!’ says Sagarika. Do we need to say anything more on this? Do read it!!!

  • Who : Indyeah
    What : Qatar calling
    Tangy : After a long time, Indyeah gets featured here again and it is a gem of a post. A lot of valid questions on the recent M F Hussain episode and Indyeah has her views on the freedom of speech in our country. Indyeah, we are glad to have you back here. 🙂 (You would also love to read her interview)

  • Who : Poonam
    What : Interview with the Braveheart, Dr. Ritu Biyani
    Tangy : ‘Dr. Ritu was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She fought back and survived. And not only did she survive, but she travelled across the length of the country to support many other women.’  Poonam has an interview with this amazing lady which is an inspiration for many and that is the reason for it getting featured here. (You would also love to read her interview)

  • Who : Noor
    What : “Sab Maya hai…”
    Tangy : Did you know that, in most of the statues of Mayawati, she carries a handbag? Are you aware of any other accessory that has been popular through a statue? Lot of  such facts in this post by Noor (Momofrs). 🙂

  • Who : Snowleopard
    What : Lessons
    Tangy : Here are 14 lessons of life according to Snowleopard that happens in India. What do you think? Do you want to add anything more? Do let  Snowleopard know.

  • Who : Mamma Mia
    What : Thoughts for Women’s Day
    Tangy : Mamma Mia, in this post, has her thoughts on Women’s day and what inspired her to start blogging. A post you will enjoy reading.

  • Who : Cubicile_blues
    What : Nityananda comes out clean. Says, he was experimenting sex yoga
    Tangy : The  Self-styled godman Nithyananda Swami has written the following open letter in response to the trend which the hashtag created #nithyananda and conveyed it to the Indian Blogosphere through our friend Cubicile_blues! You gotta read this is all we have to say. And read it Now!

  • Who : Chrony
    What : Jalabula Janks (The movie that missed the Oscar by a whisker)
    Tangy : Have you heard of the movie called Jalabula Janks? It is directed by none other than the award winning director from Singapore called Chrony. This movie is based on the Swami and his antics! A movie which just missed getting nominated to the oscars because the swamiji was busy protecting himself 😀

  • Who : Preeti
    What : On the women ‘s day !!
    Tangy : ‘We are cute daughters, we are sweet sisters, we are lovely lovers, we are darling wives, we are adorable mothers , we are source of strength , we are women…happy women’s day ‘ was one of the many sms’es doing the rounds yesterday. Preeti has her views on some of those which are just awesome. A must read.

As always thank you IHM for tipping us this wonderful post.

If you still have not read the awesomeness interview of Greatbong, do read it now. You’ll regret if you miss this one!

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