Modern Proverbs discovered on Twitter

He who hesitates is lost as Tomorrow is another day because we believe in the fact that The early bird catches the worm. These are some of the old age Proverbs which have been passed on through generations. Today, some people have taken upon themselves to make these proverbs modern and there was born the #modernproverbs. We believe in Unity and so here is our effort to unite the best of #modernproverbs

mansigrover: History retweets itself.

fakeanant: To block is human, to forgive is divine.

ashumittal: One good tweet deserves another.

_logik: Too many pimps spoil the brothel.

nirvanasearch: Better tweet than buzz.

ilcapourgu: The tweet is mightier than the poke.

i_r_squared: A n00b and his money are soon parted. By Nigerians.

ilcapourgu: Once blocked, twice shy.

vinod_raman: All that twitters is not a bird.

mansigrover: He who tweets the most says the least.

i_r_squared: Brevity is the soul of tweet.

arvindkumarc: Tweet is Wealth.

mokkai_mak: barking bots seldom tweet.

silverbakc: every cloud has a big mass of servers working in the back.

palsule: A Flickr is worth a thousand Tweets.

rhwarrier: The early tweeter gets the RT.

mokkai_mak: united we RT, divided we block.

beastoftraal: A fool and his tweets are soon meme’d.

milcom_: All is well that Trends well.

anantha: Empty blogs make no noise.

notytony: Timeline and Google wave wait for no man

madversity: A flashy smartphone is only a tartphone

mojorojo: The enemy of my enemy is my frenemy

ashumittal: Trolling tweets gather all bots.

madversity: Bhala uski Tweet meri Tweet se safed kaise?

sidin:  Every dog has his blog.

amit_das: where there is a bill, there is a (credit card) PAYment

mokkai_mak: the best tweets in life are free.

Chrony: Even bloggers fart .. and tweeters.

SundeepDougal: Tweet in haste, explain (in blog) at leisure.

magikfactory: ek tweet se do shikaar.

mojorojo: Where there is a Farmville there is a hay.

Shagun3107: All work and no twitter makes Jack a loser.

avinash_y: A tweet in time saves lives

Farisky: Where there’s a Bill, there’s a Woman.

mahajankabeer: You can tell a man by his tweets.

lavsmohan: Beauty lies in the eyes of the Photoshopper

sahilriz: Show me who your followees are, and I will show you who you are.

anantha: A bad tweet does not yield good RTs.

Anita_Lobo: Early birds, catch many tweets; but snarky tweets, get more retweets!

pvijay: All is fair in love and mafia wars

dexgle: All these followers weren’t gain in a day.

priya_arun: The keyboard is mightier than the pen.

Farisky: ReTweeting is the sincerest form of flattery

blogadda: Wisdom is not an accumulation of tweets

vencat: I use GTalk, therefore IM.

fivefrancs: Send no tweets, and you’ll have no followers.

anantha: Every blog has its troll.

startonomics: The way to get started is to quit tweeting and begin doing. – Walt Twisney

Shagun3107: Better tweet than scrap.

vaniquest: Bad news travels fast, but retweets travels much faster

c_aashish: Health is better than wealth. Only some like @jhunjhunwala have both.

ideasmithy: Neki kar, Twitter pe daal.

i_r_squared: Brevity is the soul of tweet. #modernproverbs

0ptimist: Tweet and the world tweets with you, block and you block alone.

silverbakc: clothes make the man, wife and their dog

krishashok: A Lolcat has nine cheezburgers

Palsule: A friend in Facebook may not be a real friend indeed.

rhwarrier: The early tweeter gets the RT

silverbakc: an idle brain is a tweep

beastoftraal: A fool and his tweets are soon meme’d

milcom_: All is well that Trends well

mokkai_mak: You can have a cake and tweet about it too

adityar: “Work hard. Never give up. Only then shall you achieve retweetability.”

deepagarimella: Don’t wash your dirty linen in public. Call the news channels first.

vinay_s: Home is where the browser button with the home icon is.

crucifire: The best things in life are free till they find an advertising model

crucifire: First impression doesn’t really matter in a CPM deal #digitaladvertisingjoke

We will update the list regularly. Keep coming. Hope you would have liked the compilation. Do send in your feedback and follow us on twitter @blogadda, if you are not as yet.

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