BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 13, ’10

Spicy SaturdayWhat is love? Albert Einstein wondered ‘How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?‘. Someone quotes ‘Never try to define love. Once defined love is confined. Once confined — It dies‘. What do you all think? Some of the bloggers have some wonderful posts on love alongwith the blogposts on the current happenings. BTW, we do not need a special day to show love. Every day is an opportunity to shower love on your loved ones.

  • Who : The Inconsolable truth
    What : Homeward bound.
    Spicy : ‘Have you ever wondered why the good things in life often follow the bad or the not so pleasant?’ is the question by which the post starts. This post has a lot of questions which an NRI family often feels and thinks about at some point in their life. We are sure many of us would feel the same for those away from us. Do let us know your feelings.

  • Who : Kamal Singh
    What : The Never Ending Honeymoon …
    Spicy : At the start of this post we had asked ‘What is love?’. Kamal has a post on the same and has his thoughts on what love is for him. A different but relevant attempt by Kamal. What do you think?

  • Who : Desininja
    What : tête-à-tête with St. Valentine
    Spicy : If you had a chance to meet St. Valentine, what are the questions you would ask him? Desininja got an all exclusive interview with St. Valentine and got the opportunity to ask him many questions. He has posted the interview for the benefit of the community. Read it now.

  • Who : Quirky Indian
    What : Love or Lust?
    Spicy : As his name suggests, he has a very Quirky take on Love. Is it love or is it Lust? He also wonders if ‘True Love’ exists. What do you think? Let him know.

  • Who : Swaram
    What : College love (hi)story
    Spicy : This post takes us back to the college days. Love happening in colleges is something different. Swaram takes us back to this heartwarming post and a post which will bring smiles to our face. Swaram says ‘u guys have to lemme know whether u have had any such experience in college? Come on, be a sport’. Yes we would like to hear it too.

  • Who : Meera Sapra
    What : For Valentine’s day
    Spicy : Here are some comic strips by Meera Sapra specially for Valentine’s day. Each an every strip has a message. Enjoy the comic.

  • Who : LIL Mermaid
    What : To name a nephew…
    Spicy : Have you spent sleepless nights trying to find the best name for your child? LIL Mermaid has this post sharing with us her experience and the incidents which happenened as she was entrusted to name her nephew. A post you will enjoy reading.

  • Who : Jalpesh Mehta
    What : My Name is Khan – A Win-Win Strategy for 3 Parties
    Spicy : ‘My Name is Khan‘ will be more famous in the History not for the content or the great acting of SRK-Kajol or the sensitive topic, but merely for the controversy says Jalpesh. This post is all about that and how each of the players in this controversy have benefited from the same. A must read.

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  1. Hitting Reality at Leh Palace by Daniel D’Mello
  2. You know you are entering your 30s decade when by Minal

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7 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 13, ’10”

  1. To the Blogadda team:

    Thank you for choosing my post as one of your Spicy Saturday Picks. Quite an honour. But you pay me way too high a compliment by changing my gender and making me female…. I wish I had half the strength and resilience that that remarkable sex possesses!


    Quirky Indian

  2. @Swaram It’s nice. Keep writing wonderful stuff.

    @Rakesh Yes, he’s wonderful.

    @Quirky Oopps.. It’s back to the original! Like the way you put it up. 🙂

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