BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 09, ’10

Spicy SaturdayIt has been a year since the Satyam Scandal broke. The new board is doing a great job and we are looking at very good times ahead. 2010 promises to be a year of positivity and hope. Yesterday, Facebook users had a very colourful news feed. Social communities can be very inspiring and make a lot of difference if we all join together for a cause. Let us get inspired by reading the wonderful posts from the Indian Blogosphere this week.

  • Who : Abesh Bhattacharjee
    What : My Apostille Woes and Shashi Tharoor…
    Spicy : Shashi Tharoor has been in the news for various reasons. Abesh has probably the same views about government machinery as most of us have. And boy, how happy he was to be proved wrong. Abesh  shares with us an experience where Mr Shashi Tharoor helped him and this was possible maybe b’coz of the social presence of Mr Tharoor. We would love to see this act of Mr Shashi Tharoor in the headlines. 🙂

  • Who : Brijesh Nair
    What : Desi Professors in US – Some Random Thoughts
    Spicy : Many Students who go and study abroad sometimes wish that they have a Desi Professor to assist them in their project and mentor them. But not all is sunny and Brijesh has some very interesting and thought provoking thoughts on the whole issue with some personal examples to support it. Have you experienced something similar? Do let Brijesh know and help the community.

  • Who : Sujoy Singha
    What : Say What: Tezaab – Munna and Mohini vs Lotiya
    Spicy : Sujoy in this post filled with screenshots and captions takes us back to the 80’s. Remember the film, where Madhuri Dixit stole so many hearts? In this post he takes a dig at Tezaab’s storyline and the characters in the movie. A post you will enjoy seeing and reading.

  • Who : Vijayendra Mohanty aka Vimoh
    What : How I came to believe in God
    Spicy : This is a must read post written by Vijayendra. Vimoh shares his experience of how his belief was proved wrong and how he started believing in god. Does anyone else share something similar? How many of you believe in God? Share your stories with us. (You can also read his interview to know more about Vimoh)

  • Who : Madhu of IndiMag
    What : 3 Idiots, Below Average Flick With Above Average Hype
    Spicy : Everyone had good things to say about 3 Idiots, the movie. Madhu has a different take on the movie and has many points which he feels were illogical in the movie. What do you think? Let him know. Thank you Charitra for the tip 🙂

  • Who : KK
    What : It’s been a Year – Today’s Anniversary!
    Spicy : On January 7 2009, Ramalinga Raju finally got off the tiger he was riding on. What went through the employees of Satyam and what are they feeling one year later? We have the blog post direct from the heart of an employee who has been working for more than 3 years. A must read!

  • Who : Adee
    What : एक नज़्म उनके नाम Hindi Blog Post (Ek Nazar unke naam)
    Spicy : This is one heart touching poem by Adee. एक एक  शब्द  दिल  को  छू लेता है. This poem is one you can read it to your loved one as well.

  • Who : Furobiker
    What : Ab main Tummy ki sunu, ya mummy ki?
    Spicy : Help Furobiker decide whether ‘Woh Mummy ke sune yaa tummy ki :P’. This is an absolutely ROFL post and a post where Furobiker shares his dilemma and the effects of recession on his day to day food.

  • Who : Sukhdeep Singh
    What : Tippy Tippy Top
    Spicy : As we mentioned earlier, yesterday we were greeted with colorful Facebook updates from ladies. What was the real motive behind it and did it achieve the result it wanted to? Sukhdeep has posted his thoughts which are very interesting. (You may also want to read the awesome guest post by Sukhdeep after reading this post)

After reading the spicy picks do not forget to hop over into the Interview with Poonam Sharma aka Alchemist Poonam which is a must read if you haven’t read it already. For all the people wanting to know about Social Media, Annkur has this very interesting post on ‘What is the deal with Social Media‘. Have a great weekend and come back on Monday to read our Perky tweets. 🙂

If you come across any interesting post or tweet and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here and we will credit you for the selected pick.

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