BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 26, ’09

Spicy SaturdayKaisan ho? ‘The CBI is “sifting and collating” evidence and information on the Ruchika Girhotra case to see whether the charge of abetment to DGP S P S Rathore can be re-examined in case the agency is asked for an opinion’ reads the top headlines in TOI. It is high time we all raise our voice against the poor performance of Indian Judiciary time and again. The last week of the year 2009 looms ahead. We have surprises for you and look forward for your feedback. We also want and learn to say Aal izzz wellll. We not only hope but are sure the new year 2010 will be awesome for all. Here is the last edition of Spicy Saturday Picks for the year 2009! 🙂

  • Who : Deepa
    What : Functions, Tambrahm Ishtyle
    Spicy : The social life of Tambrahms is full of ‘functions’. This is the collective noun for an assortment of socio-religious occasions, when one dons expensive saris, jewellery, rubs shoulders with numerous relatives and, most importantly, FEASTS! Deepa has done a very good job getting the insights there. Go, Read it!

  • Who : Vishy
    What : A Trip to Gopalaswamybetta, Bandipur and Mysore
    Spicy : South Indian states Karnataka and Tamilnadu border with famous historic town Mysore and Ooty hill station highway where the Deccan Plateau rises to meet the wrinkled Bandipur National Park. Vishy has this wonderful post with pictures & videos about his trip to Bandipur National Park alongwith the sighting of the Tiger!

  • Who : Gils
    What : Stars shine down..
    Spicy : Somewhere down the line, when you read this post you would relate to it in some way or the other. Gils has this awesome story where the protagonist realizes his importance later in the life. A must read.  

  • Who : Karthikeya Date
    What : Memorable Tests and Innings in India’s Decade
    Spicy : This post is dedicated to all the Cricketing fans and especially the test cricket fans of India. This post takes us back to all the wonderful moments in Indian Test Cricket in the past decade. Karthikeya has a real good blog about Cricket.

  • Who : Diptakirti
    What : Ten Commandments
    Spicy : Diptakirti has his take on ten commandments of sales. He shares his tips on sales and what he has experienced in this must read post.  If you loved Rocket Singh, you will love reading this post as well. Diptakirti, awesome post! 🙂

  • Who : B. Raman
    What : Al Qaeda attributed Aviation Terrorism Attempt
    Spicy : This post by B. Raman who is the Director, Institute For Topical Studies analyzed the failed terrorism attempt allegedly planned by Al Qaeda. Every point in this post has a lot of reasoning and proof to support it. A must read.

  • Who : Nupur Phatak
    What : Thought for “Food”-Bigg Boss-3
    Spicy : An incident on the popular reality show Bigg Boss 3 is the fulcrum of this post by Nupur. Nupur talks about the event and relates one of her incidents from her life with that. Some learning in there, do read.

  • Who : Onion Uttapam (Sunil)
    What : Proof that Gandhi Family Owns Network18
    Spicy : Onion Uttapam has this breaking blog post (as  in breaking news :P). Sunil has done very nice work in getting the snapshots in place and the discovery is something shocking. We don’t want to reveal anything more as the essence would be lost. Do read it.

  • Who : Nothingman
    What : Talk The Walk
    Spicy : The Title of Nothingman is ‘A Story a day’ and this post has been featured as a recognition to his efforts. He posts a story every day and we as a community need to back him so that he comes out with such wonderful stories everyday. You’ve a long way to go, Nothingman.

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