BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 8 ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksSat Shri Akal! 2 hours is enough to open the pandora’s box of troubles for a celebrity. Chetan Bhagat would have realized that yesterday when an hashtag called #chetanblocks became one of the trending topics on twitter. Being on twitter gives one the power to do a lot of things and it is upto us to direct the energy to the right sources. Indian Bloggers have the power to do a lot of things and one way is by regularly posting awesome content and we do our best by picking out the best for you. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who : Smitha
    What : Soaps and real life – is there any real difference?
    Tangy: Every day we have millions of people glued on into the television watching different soaps at different times? Do you get influenced by them? Are the incidents in soaps and incidents in life different? Smitha tries to analyze in this post which is tipped to us by Indian Homemaker. Do read the post and let her know your views.

  • Who : Renu
    What : Oh my God!
    Tangy : A post which starts from her experience at a party to who is Mr Right and ends with some gossip about Bigg Boss. This post by Renu has it all.

  • Who : Doctoratlarge
    What : Tit bits
    Tangy : LOL! Title pe mat jaao apni akal lagao is apt for this post. This post will keep you in splits and make you think twice. An humorous post.

  • Who : Uma
    What : Nostalgic Childhood
    Tangy : Uma in this post takes us back to her childhood. A post filled with Nostalgia. We are sure many of our readers would have experienced something similar in some part of their childhood.

  • Who : Sraboney Ghose
    : Politics For Dummies
    Tangy : This post is not for all die hard politics evangelists. Sraboney has a very witty guide called ‘Politics for dummies’ in this must read post. Sraboney, can we have more such guides please? πŸ˜›

  • Who : Aayush Arya
    What : Nothing makes piracy right
    Tangy : Yesterday #chetanblocks became a trending topic. Aayush has his take on the issue and his thoughts on piracy as well. He has raised some very valid points in this must read post.

  • Who : Rohit
    What : The Chetan Bhagat Blocks (#chetanblocks) Saga Documented
    Tangy : Another post on #chetanblocks by Rohit makes it to our weekly picks. This post through the captions chronicles as to how the event unfolded. This post is for all those who want to know what this ‘halla’ is all about.

  • Who : Sharmila Ganguly
    What : The object of my envy
    Tangy : What is your object ofΒ  envy? Sharmila in this post has shared with all our readers her object of envy and we are sure that it maybe of others as well. An enjoyable read.

  • Who : Avanti Shastri
    What : Wedding Wows
    Tangy : ‘Tis the season of happy unions, and for some unfortunate fellas – a fate worse than a lifetime of prison’ says Avanti and her post is about Marriages and Wedding vows. How many of you feel the same about marriages and wedding vows? Do read and let her know.

  • Who : Krish Ashok
    What : Hitler finds out that Chetan Bhagat has blocked him on Twitter
    Tangy : For the first time at BlogAdda’s weekly picks we have a Youtube Video because the blogger has used his creative skills brilliantly to caption the video. This video is a spoof on #chetanblocks incident on twitter by none other than Krish Ashok. (You can also read his amazing interview at BlogAdda)

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