BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 5, ’09

Spicy Saturday Kasa aahes? (How are you in Marathi). The Champion entertainer Virender Sehwag enthralled us with his magical innings two days back. Cricket Pundits described the Brabourne pitch as the perfect test match wicket. The superstar Amitabh Bachchan returns to the sliver screen with a role termed as ‘The role of the lifetime’. The best roles are played by the best actors and the best blog posts are picked up by BlogAdda. 🙂 Here are this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks.

  • Who : Calvy
    What : The Teddy bear man!
    Spicy : This post is the story of Rama Singh Munda who gave shelter to female sloth bear Rani when she followed him home and was 2-3 days old. The bear would have met a certain death at the hands of predators had she not followed Rama. Abhishek has his thoughts and is a must read for all.

  • Who : Gopinath M
    What : Sulochana-kaki, the Spirited Septuagenarian Sculptor
    Spicy : Sulochana Kaki as she is fondly known shares with Gopinath the story of her life. This post by Gopinath is all about ‘Kaki’ and her works. An awesome post and our salute to ‘Kaki’.

  • Who : Komal-Nishka
    What : 1st Anniversary: Power to those Making a Difference
    Spicy : Congrats to Komal for the first anniversary of her blog and whatay way to celebrate.  Komal in this post wants to make a difference and she does exactly that by supporting ‘8 day academy’ a initiative by Masarat Daud. People like Masarat make the difference in this world and we at BlogAdda will do the needful. 🙂

  • Who : Meghana
    What : Who is Mr. Right?
    Spicy : Most of the women at some point in their life may get this question in their mind ‘Who is Mr. Right?’. Meghana ponders too and tries to find the answers in this spicy pick.

  • Who : Nethra
    What : Mothers
    Spicy : Mothers! We all know the value of a mother but do some mother’s know the value of a child? Nethra has this intriguing post and the narration is so gripping that you won’t realize when the post gets over. An awesome post and keep them coming, Nethra.

  • Who : Kavi
    What : Journeys
    Spicy : ‘The roads of Mumbai offer strange sights. Sights, that sometimes are difficult to swallow. And others that take a permanent long term lease in your heart’ writes Kavi and this wonderful post with images is all about observations. A post you will enjoy reading.

  • Who : Aparna
    What : Maa on Facebook
    Spicy : What happens when Aparna’s mom comes across Facebook and sees her old friends on it too? What happens next is chronicled by Aparna in this very entertaining read.

  • Who : Sucharita Sarkar
    What : A Soap Opera
    Spicy : Sucharita in this wonderful post filled with nostalgia takes us back to the era of ‘Moti’ and many other soaps which used to grace out bathrooms. A fun read that takes us back to our bathrooms. 😛

  • Who : Shail Mohan
    What : Her Fault
    Spicy : We have been reading a lot of 55 word fictions lately and this one is amongst the best.  Shail Mohan in this heartfelt post explains. And what a hard hitting line to end the story. Hope that this will make the four words ‘Chee keri podi akathu!‘ disappear.  Tipped by IHM.

Do not forget to read the interview of Neeraj Chhibba the author of Zero Percentile – Missed IIT Kissed Russia. A must read for all of you and we are sure you will enjoy it.

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