BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep. 29, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksA very happy new year to all of our readers. Let’s celebrate the victory of Good over Evil and do good things all year around. But for cricket fans all over India, the rain dampened the hopes of qualification for the semi-finals of the Champions trophy. It looks as if we are giving chances for others to come to the top. In fact, it sounds strange that among 1 billion Indians, we are not able to produce world class players. Who are to blame? But among tens and thousands of blogs, week after week we are able to pick the best for you. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesdays.

  • Who : Bevinda Collaco
    What : Open letter for visitors to Goa
    Tangy: This year we had many long weekends and many more to come as well. One of the favorite holiday destinations for Indians is Goa. Bevinda Collaco has an open letter to all the visitors to Goa. This is a must read and should be followed not only in Goa but all tourist destinations. We also have Werner Egipsy adding some tangy goan spice to this post here.

  • Who : Nithin Jayan
    What : The Manipulator
    Tangy : We have been chancing upon some amazing short stories in the recent past. Nithin Jayan’s short story is one of them. We can surely say that your jaws will drop after reading this.

  • Who : Sukhdeep Singh
    What : Reply to Times of India Article on Sikhs
    Tangy : We have come across many instances where the mainstream media has reported without verifying facts. This case is one of them and we have Sukdeep Singh replying with the correct facts through this post. Do read it and support Sukhdeep.

  • Who : Smita Luthra
    What : Short Story: The Spell
    Tangy : It is a week of short stories we guess. πŸ™‚ Smita has this gem of a story with twists and turns after every para. Thanks to Gayatri who tipped us this post. Friends, read this post and visualize every scene from the story and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

  • Who : Sonya
    What : The Appraisal – a short story
    Tangy : The third short story for this week and we promise you that you would want to read more. Gayatri has this wonderful short story about a couple with ‘Appraisal’ as the backdrop. A must read story.

  • Who : Radha Chandran
    What : Understanding the concept of God – Part 8 (Introspection, thoughts and desire)
    Tangy : As the title suggest, Radha has this post which talks about understanding the concept of god. She has listed many factors on how to go about it. Do read it and post your views.

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  1. @Bevinda Your letter needs to be known to more ppl. It was worthy of a pick

    @Radhachandran You are welcome. Keep writing good posts! πŸ™‚

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