BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep. 22, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksRaua kaisan baani? (How are you? in Bhojpuri). Friends, How are the Navratri Celebrations going on? Garba ramo cho ne. The bear market is going up, the housing rates are down, the electronics majors are offering huge discounts. It is time for celebration. It is time for major purchases. If you plan to buy some tee shirts do have a look at aTEEtude. We help the bloggers celebrate by picking their best posts in our weekly picks. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesday picks.

  • Who : Sylvianism
    What : 10 Best Roles of Kamal Hassan
    Tangy: Kamal Hassan, who is celebrating  50 years in Tamil Cinema today. He is one of the most versatile actors and never shies away from challenging roles. Not many know that Kamal Hassan is among the few celebrities who has not done any endorsement deals. Sylvanism has listed the 10 best movies of Kamal Hassan according to him.

  • Who : Bharathi
    What : My opinion on punches part II (Part I)
    Tangy : This is the second part of Bharathi’s post (The earlier one was picked for our Spicy Saturdays). This in continuation of the post which questions the existence of god and Bharathi’s views on the same. Do read both the post and let him know your views.

  • Who : Gopinath
    What : The Tweet that wasn’t!
    Tangy : Gopinath is back to usual witty self in this awesome post about a tweet which has shaken the walls of the parliament. The tweet was sent out by @shashitharoor and has created an uproar of sorts in the parliament. Gopinath has posted his witty take on it. A must read for sure!

  • Who : Revs
    What : Natural Haircut or a Haircut in Naturals? Former for me please!! :-\
    Tangy : Revs!! ‘Naam toh suna hi hoga’, is back with this ROFL post. The way Revs plots the post makes it  humorous by itself. After reading this post, you will think twice before going for a haircut and then decide keeping this post in your mind 😀  (Editor –  Do read the wonderful interview of Revathi at BlogAdda)

  • Who : Hemanth
    What : Damn! I swallowed the Red Pill..
    Tangy : Hemanth has this very interesting post on the state of Telugu movies. He has tried to analyze as to why till date, a telugu movie hasn’t won a national award. Do read it :).

  • Who : Komal-Nishka
    What : Why Twitter Rocks
    Tangy : Komal aka @Komal_Nishka talks about Twitter and how she has benefited from the same. This post is a must read for all the readers wanting to know more about twitter and how it has helped people. (Editor – Do read what Komal has written about PR in her role as a guest blogger at BlogAdda)

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