NASSCOM Product Conclave 2009

Nasscom Product Enclave is happy to announce that NASSCOM Product Conclave, India’s leading and most prestigious platform for the burgeoning software product development community will be held in Bangalore on October 27-28, for the third consecutive year. It is an  exhibition-cum-conference which is considered a Mecca for the country’s “software product” innovators.

It will bring together global industry CEOs, trailblazers in the software products space, thought gurus, analysts and the media, will address the theme, “Positioning to Win”  This theme will run as a thread through the numerous sessions, panel discussions, workshops, power elevator pitch deliberations, match-making sessions, the business expo and keynotes.

Key Highlights:

  • New opportunities for Indian Product companies.
  • The heterogeneous nature of the Indian market and what that means for product creation.
  • Turning India’s competitive advantage in IT into successful global product building.
  • Experiences and lessons from Indian product companies.
  • The debate on Indian markets and the “Chasm” theory.
  • Five steps to increase the success rate of Indian product start-ups.
  • Strategies to position products as winners
  • Business model innovations for software product companies

Key Speakers:
A host of reputed speakers from India and overseas—Silicon Valley, Europe and Israel—will be sharing their insights on issues concerning the software product industry, including:

  • Guy Kawasaki, IT evangelist and renowned author of nine books and “Art of the Start”
  • Kiran Karnik, IT visionary and former President of NASSCOM
  • Orna Berry, Chief Scientist,  Israel
  • Rajesh Hukku, Co-founder, i-Flex

Hot Topics to be covered include:

  • SaaS Business Model – Will it be the non-linear growth model of the future?
  • Rekindling entrepreneurial spirit and innovation within large organizations
  • Owning the global consumer – Getting to the home stretch
  • Technology Opportunities for the Common Man of India: The next major growth area for Indian technology firms
  • Indians Pulling off the Impossible
  • Why System Integrators (SIs) are critical to the success of your product business?

Other well known names from the industry will  speak on the hottest subjects for product businesses — the SaaS business model; rekindling innovation within organisations, owning the consumer, the next major growth area for Indian tech firms, and the criticality of System Integrators (SIs) to the product business.

There’s all this and more at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2009.

If you aspire to place your “Made in India” product firmly on the world map, this is where you want to be. There are special prices if you register before September 30. Register Now for Nasscom Product Conclave 2009!

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  1. It’ll be interesting to listen to Rajesh. He’s done something marvellous with i-flex. Is the detailed agenda put up already? Why does all the action start from October? 🙂

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