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aTEEtudeThis Sunday many families would have done their house cleaning chores. Many items would have been allocated for underprivileged people. They would even get more happy if they get something brand new. Here is an opportunity where you can make a difference.

There is a thick line that separates Disposal from Charity. Charity begins at home, however, getting rid of unwanted things lying at home is better known as disposal.

The act of Giving is more than what meets the eye. It takes the right attitude and genuine spirit to give v/s to discard.

A typical cycle for donating clothes (say a t-shirt) is a function of how fast the cloth fades and it goes somewhat like this:

Buy a new t-shirt
–> Wear it to college/office/party
–> Wear it at sports/ gym (when it fades)
–> Wear it at night (when it fades further)
–> donate it (when you can’t wear it anywhere).

One needs to ask oneself the question, “Can I give something as cool as what I’d get for myself to someone who is not as privileged?”

These things are easier said than done, and hence Leo Club of Mumbai, Western Star and Masoom came up with a real life proposition for donors to test their attitude of giving without burning a hole in their pockets:

  • Every donor chooses and buys a t-shirt for himself from their partner’s website (
  • For every t-shirt (s)he buys, another t-shirt gets donated on to the less privileged. The donated t-shirts will be from the same brand and the same collection.
  • To appreciate the effort, you will get a 20% discount on the donors purchase.Special coupon code for discount + donation: ‘ateetudeofgiving‘.
  • Net effect, the donor pays a discounted price for his/her TEEs and an equal number of TEEs get donated in the process.
  • Hence the name ‘aTEEtude of Giving’.


TEEs are chosen as a medium as they plan to launch TEE e-zine (‘‘) and perceive t-shirts as an evolving form of art that has the potential to influence the youth. Moreover, clothes are one of the basic necessities.

The aTEEtude of Giving campaign is coordinated by aTEEtude with an active support from as the retail partner and, Leo Club of Mumbai Western Star and Masoom as NGO partners. The campaign is also listed as an official activity during the ‘Joy of Giving Week’. The partner NGOs will identify the need areas and distribute the accumulated merchandise at the end of this campaign.

aTEEtude of Giving will  raise t-shirts online ( from Sep. 16, 2009 to Oct. 02, 2009. The distribution will happen on the final day of the ‘Joy of Giving’ Week i.e Oct. 03, 2009. During this period, aTEEtude and will try to maximize the outreach for this cause.

The idea is to make charity a lucrative, cool and meaningful activity during this fortnight.

On this occasion we interviewed ‘The President of the Leo’s club of Mumbai Western Star, Mr (CA) Sanket S. Khandelwal’ with some questions about the club and their initiatives. Here it is

Q: Can you tell us more about your NGO and your areas of interest?

A: Leo Club of  Mumbai Western Star comprises of youth from the age group of 18 to 25 yrs. We are a part of Lions Club of Mumbai Western Star. Our Areas of Interest is


Experience &


& that’s what LEO stands for.

Leading the community, get experienced & grab all the opportunities to serve our society in a better way. Our Slogan is THINK…ACT…ACHIEVE…

We follow the lines of our District Governor Lion Umesh Gandhi that “Jo bhi Karo DIL SE karo”

We spread awareness in the society regarding various aspects, how we should protect our environment, making the youth aware about the ill effects of drugs, spending our few time with Old Age home people, Orphanages to make them realize that (yes) they are the part of the society. We also help them with various necessities which they require.

Q: How did the concept of aTEEtude of Giving conceptualize?

A: The concept of aTEEtude of Giving was a unique for us, as it is the right platform to attract people to come forward to not only buy T-shirts for them but also donate it at the same time and will definitely attract attract the youth & will create a sense of belongingness in them towards the society.

Q: As a president of the prestigious Leo’s club, how do you plan to make a difference to the community with the help of the club?

A: As a President of this prestigious Leo Club, Leo Club of Mumbai Western Star, I, Leo (CA) Sanket Khandelwal would like to reach out to masses with SERVING them in the best possible way. Spending TIME with the less fortunate people because its not only the donations which they require but also the LOVE & affection they get from us, which makes them feel that yes they are something.

Q: aTEEtude of Giving as a concept is very interesting. We want to see the smile on the faces of the children who are gonna get it. Can our readers be present in the time of donation?

Definitely! The readers can be present at the time of donation so that they can see smile on the faces of the children & trust me after watching such a smile it gives immense pleasure to our heart that we did something good for someone in need, for someone who is little less fortunate then us.

You can contact them through:

Website: | Email:

Facebook: | Twitter: @aTEEtude (use #give)

This Festive Season, bring a smile in someone’s face by giving them a brand new Tee Shirt. If you plan to buy some Tee shirts, buy it from as you will be contributing in the Joy of giving week and be responsible for somone’s happiness as well.

You also get a 20% off on all your purchases by using the coupon code – ateetudeofgiving

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  1. This is a very noble concept and yes, why can’t people at times buy new and donate it. Everyone loves to wear new and nice. I love the name!

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