BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun. 09, ’09

Tangy Tuesday Pickssat sri akal (Hello in Punjabi). It is #punjabidivas on twitter and we are doing our bit to promote it as well :). Federer tied Pete Sampras’s record of 14 major singles titles and became the sixth man to complete a career Grand Slam. Our Neighboring Country released one of the prime suspects of the Mumbai terror attacks. These were the headlines. We have the posts from the Indian Blogosphere which created headlines as well 🙂

  • Who : Miss Malini
    What : Yes We Can (too!)
    Tangy: Our First post for this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks is from Miss Malini’s blog. Malini is a RJ, Party Animal and Mumbai’s gossip girl :). But this post shows a completely different side of her. She has talked about the show conceptualized & executed by Shiamak Davar featuring deaf and blind children. A must read post.

  • Who : Om Malik
    What : Goodbye Old Friend. R.I.P. Rajeev Motwani
    Tangy : This post is about Rajeev Motwani, one of the savviest angel investors in Silicon Valley, a Stanford professor and most importantly a close and personal friend of Om Malik who  passed away on June 5. Rajeev Motwani was one of the early advisor and supporter of companies including Google and PayPal, and a special advisor to Sequoia Capital. He was a winner of the Gödel Prize in 2001.

  • Who : Arnab Majumdar
    What : The Lake Lady
    Tangy : This post by Arnab is truly a post which will get you on the edge of your seats. All we can say about this post is that, It is a love story with a twist with a Lake as the backdrop 🙂

  • Who : The Chronic writer
    What : Those daily activities
    Tangy : Chronic writer buzzed us on twitter yesterday and we followed him back. We stumbled upon his latest post and we could’t resist  to have his post as one of our tangy tuesday picks. A humorous post from a very humorous guy 🙂

  • Who : Barath Nataraj
    What : Oops!!! The Hypocrite Tamil
    Tangy : A very interesting post and don’t go just by the title as this post makes a lot of sense. It is about human and about we as Indians. Political parties are trying to divide India using regionalism and this post makes us realize that ‘ We are Indians first and rest follows’. A Sure read!!

Read Spicy Saturday Picks from the last week.  If you have any interesting posts or tweets to share with us, contact us or you can tip us on twitter using ‘Tip @blogadda’ along with the link and we will credit you for that. We have the marketer who went off consumption to start a Social Media Analtyics firm, Gaurav aka Gauravonomics interviewed for you. Do read it.

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