BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 06, ’09

Spicy Saturdaychoni, roj bahsh (Hello in Kurdish). Monsoons do not follow a time-table which is very bad :). Imagine if Rains come at a fixed time everyday so that we can plan accordingly. Jokes apart, the humidity and the heat is killing. Saturday is here and we are here with our Spicy Picks to make it a great weekend for you.

  • Who : Kiran
    What : From a Cattle Grazer to an IIT student
    Spicy :  As the title of the post suggests, Kiran has this wonderful post which talks about sucess stories of students who transformed from cattle grazers to IIT students. A must read to start with.

  • Who : Amol Naik
    What : Computing Universe
    Spicy : A Tech post which talks about the recent trend known as Cloud Computing. For more on it, Read the post 🙂 !

  • Who : Keshi
    What : Beauty Is In The Heart Of The Beholder…
    Spicy : As the saying goes ‘ Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. The aim of this post is to remind you that there are beautiful people, animals, trees, events, places, gestures, words, deeds etc etc around you, that in your busy schedule, may go unnoticed. Just stop for a while, and think about it says Keshi. We agree!!

  • Who : Sakhi
    What : An evening with myself
    Spicy : A very well written fictional story written by Sakhi makes it to our picks. The story is so captivating and keeps us involved. A story which you should’nt miss reading.

  • Who : Smitha
    What : Why I am happy to oogle at girls 🙂
    Spicy : Surprised after reading who has written this? Have you wondered why do woman check out other woman? Dirty mind :), It is not what you all think it is. Read the post to know the reason.

  • Who : Nitya
    What : ‘There is more to this world than just people, you know’
    Spicy : Yes, As the the tittle suggests, World is a big undiscovered place. Nitya has some interesting observations of life. Do read it and maybe we all could relate to it in someway or the other.

We would be delighted if you write in a line or two and let us know your feedback about the picks selected.

If you come across any interesting post and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here and we will credit you for the selected pick.   This week we have Gaurav aka Gauravonomics interviewed for you. He has a wide knowledge of Social Media and if you want to know more about Social Media, do read the interview.  You will enjoy every bit of it.

2 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 06, ’09”

  1. Not fair. Rain doesn’t follow time table-thats the most unique thing abt it, innit? 😉 nice picks. U made my chhutti worth.

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