BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 21, ’09

Spicy SaturdayIa orana, Want something spicy this saturday?  Your wish is our duty. Readers, we have lots of  spicy posts for you to read in our ‘Spicy Saturday Picks’.  Take a look and do share your favourite posts with us. Write over here or follow us on twitter and share it out there.

  • Who : Cuckoo
    What : The Red colored blues
    Spicy : Cuckoo narrates an incident that is shockingly prevalent and still happens in this 21st century in many Hindu households across India. A  monthly natural occurence in female is considered a taboo even today in some socities. Read on to know a woman’s take on this.Cuckoo has also written a guest article on our blog on ‘What to do when somone copies your content’

  • Who : Gurudev Prasad
    What : At the Red Light
    Spicy : We normally encounter a lot of beggars while stopping at the signal, Gurudev describes one of his experiences in this post. We can experience the same feeling which he does while reading this post.

  • Who : Roshan D’Silva
    What : Another week goes by?
    Spicy : You would have noticed a lot of the retail shops shutting down their operations in your locality. Have you wondered why? Roshan D’ Silva in this very informative post explains to us the reason behind the closure of Subhiksha Retail chains.

  • Who : Heartcrossings
    What : Dating and Marriage
    Spicy : As the title of the post suggests, it talks about the various nuances of dating and marriage  by Heartcrossings. A must read and a very well written post indeed.

  • Who : Anuradha Bakshi
    What : Two little women
    Spicy : Anuradha Bakshi of Project Why ‘s post on Babli and Meher. They both are true survivors and we need to laud Anuradha Bakshi’s effort. This post is a must read and echoes the great work done.

Also read, BlogAdda’s earlier picks. And make sure you send in your favourite picks. Wish you all a great weekend and we will be soon with some more gems next week. Cya

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my post here.
    I want more & more readers from both sexes read the article and comment on it.

    Thanks once again. Much appreciated. 🙂

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