BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 24, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksSalaam Alekum, A  beautiful Tuesday is here again after a proud Monday for India. To make this Tuesday even more special we are back again with our  ‘BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks’.  Read on to know whether yours or your  friend’s post is featured here.

  • Who : Robin Abraham
    What : 1984 Delhi Riots and beyond: Will we ever learn?
    Tangy: Robin Abraham in this Tangy Tuesday Pick talks about the Delhi riots in 1984 and what we have not learnt from it. In this age of terrorism and communal politics, Robin tries to analyze where we are going wrong and what needs to be learnt.

  • Who : Sunil Kurup
    What : Rahmania
    Tangy : A.R Rahman created history when he won two oscars for his compositions in Slumdog Millionaire. Sunil Kurup in this Tangy Tuesday Pick  talks about the career of the maestro. it has everything which a Rahman fan always wanted to know.

  • WhoMax DaVinci
    What : Delhi 6 Review
    Tangy : Delhi 6 reviewed by Max DaVinci in his unique style is one of our Tangy Tuesday Picks. He has reviewed it in a simple manner which will connect with the audience.

  • Who : Satish Vijaykumar
    What : Carnival ’09 @ I.C Colony, Borivali
    Tangy : The only place in India apart from Goa, where the Carnival is held is  in IC Colony, Borivali (w). This post is all about the Carnival covered by Satish VIjaykumar through pictures.

  • Who : Archana
    What : Aftermath of the Oscars
    Tangy : Archana in this very good post tells us what she feels about the current trending topic the Oscars. Its  a different perspective and worth a read.

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