BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 3, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksOhai! It is the first Tuesday of March and the summer has already started. We need something to chill right? The top posts from the Indian Blogosphere would be a great read to chill out. These posts are a sure refreshment in this scorching heat! Read on…

  • Who : Ves21
    What : A Kochi Memorandum
    Tangy: This post by Ves21 is a summary of ideas that you could help float around for making a citizen friendly global town. He has summarized the ideas to cement a place for Kochi in the global map.

  • Who : Shubrajit Chaterjee
    What : Shooting Flowers
    Tangy : Amateur photographer’s first step is to beautifully capture a flower. Shubrajit, in this ‘Tangy Tuesday Pick’ gives us tips on how to capture them in a very aesthetic way. Read on and then see the results.

  • Who :  Apar
    What : All for an ID
    Tangy : Elections are approaching and the recent survey says that 7o% of Voters are under the age of 30. Apar in this pick tells us what it takes to get yourself registered and get a Voter ID card. This post highlights the dilemmas a common man faces in the government offices. A superb read!

  • Who : Winnie the poohi
    What : Reservations!
    Tangy : Reservations!! This word has a lot of impact and relevance in the present day in India. We have Reservations in each and every Sector. Winnie in this very thought provoking post talks about one such reservation, ‘Reservation for Women’. Do we really need it?

  • Who : Amit Desai
    What : Recruitment and Recession
    Tangy : Recruitment in Recession?? Most of you think it is not possible but we have Amit Desai for you who can make it possible. Read on to know how it is possible and give your comments as well. This post  from Amit Desai is our final pick for this week’s ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks’

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