BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 17, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksGuten Tag, Es ist schöner Dienstag  for bloggers and readers! It is a beautiful day and we are gonna make it much more special for you. Wondering how? As always by picking the best for you from the Indian Blogosphere. Thank you bloggers and readers for giving such a positive response to the initiative. Read on….

  • Who : Sauvik Chakraverti
    What : Against the forest department
    Tangy: We tend to forget about the Forest Department, the biggest enemy of India’s poorest people, our forest-dwellers. Sauvik Chakraverti, one of the renowned journalists on his post talks about the inefficiencies in the forest department. ‘Veerappan would have been a respectable sandalwood businessman had it not been for legislation that gave all the sandalwood to The State’.

  • Who : Kiran Manral of Indiahelps
    What : Pavement School Two launched today
    Tangy : Our Second Tangy pick for this week is by Kiran Manral of Indiahelps. This post talks about the initiative started by Indiahelps called ‘Pavement School’. Posts like this make us realize how people are making a difference to the world. A must read!

  • WhoLumuhuku
    What : Branded Slavery, Anyone?
    Tangy : In the times of recession, there are still many people who are slave to brands. Lumuhuku in this very thoughtful post talks about people who are slave to brands and is it worth it? Think about it!

  • Who : D.V Nair
    What : Orphan’s children……..
    Tangy : ‘One fine morning, an old couple was found abandoned in the outskirts of Kozhikode. They were found in a roadside with a bed and some baggage. They were dumped at that spot by their kith and kin’ says D.V Nair. Do our parents deserve to be treated this way? Is this what they get for lifelong struggle so that their children can be happy? If you echo similar feelings, this post is a must read..

  • Who : Nandan Nilekani
    What : The Changing guard
    Tangy : The election fever is catching on and we have Mr Nandan Nilekani give his views on the political parties of India in this Tangy Tuesday Pick.

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