WOW: My Five Takeaways From 2017

The year 2017 comes to an end. It must have been different for all of us. Good. Challenging. Taxing. Exciting. Lovely. For whatever it was to you, we are sure you would have had some great learnings. It could be things that you would never do, or some, that you want to. What are your biggest takeaways fromĀ  2017?

My Five Takeaways From 2017

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WOW: Construct A Story

We are so close to the year end. Trust 2017 has been nice to you. For today’s WOW prompt, we have decided to share a few words. Words, that all you lovely bloggers, use smartly, creatively. Construct a story. While the words for everyone will be the same, we are sure, the story that each one of you write, will be very different.

WOW - Construct A Story

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