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Archive for the ‘Write Over the Weekend (WOW)’ Category

WOW: “There was something different about that touch”

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Touch – the very word sends shivers of sensation down the spine. A mere mention creates some tantalizing moments ringing multiple bells in the back of our minds. Touch through a single instance can strike a random chord – untainted, it communicates waves of compassion or send an army of tickling butterflies in the stomach. Hailing from the unknown, it creates tornadoes of doubt or guilt to tearing a soul from its own perfect world. One touch and your brain knows it all. Touch has stories to tell, for its repercussions never leaves the insides of our mind. There are some touches so different, that we cannot forget how they made us feel. Would you like to write about them for WOW?

Writing Prompt
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WOW – ‘League of Lost Things’

Friday, May 13th, 2016

In our ‘Today’, nothing is indispensable. How many times have we found our stuff missing, lost things randomly to thieves or negligence, and lent them to people who never gave them back? Life is a journey of constant loss and gain. While we collect loads of assets and relations through our time here, there are things or people we lose to circumstances. This Saturday, let’s talk about loss and build a whole league of things that we knew, loved and lost!

League of Lost Things

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WOW – ‘Mom, I Promise’

Friday, May 6th, 2016

How many of us swoon over that one lady we can’t imagine our lives without? Well, we know which person pops up in most people’s heads first – Mom. So it’s no wonder that with Mother’s Day knocking at our door, we must bundle up all the love we have and pen a WOW post for our beautiful mommies.

Mother's Day gifts

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WOW – ‘Me Against Myself’

Friday, April 29th, 2016

How many times have you seen yourself in a mirror and wished to see yourself through somebody else’s eyes? It’s natural to be curious about how we are perceived by people and which of our traits stand out. Are you well versed enough with your traits as to write a WOW post about them?

Weekend Creative Writing - 'Me Against Myself' BlogAdda

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WOW – ‘GRANDParent Stories’

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Grandparents are the charm of almost all families. The transformation from parents to grown children to grandparents of little ones is almost magical. They fill the family with a sense of wisdom and emotional security. A simple talk with them can enrich our lives with cool life lessons which they have gleaned over the years. Let’s give an ode to grandparents with this week’s WOW prompt, shall we?

Weekend Creative Writing - 'GrandParents Stories' BlogAdda

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WOW – ‘The Abandoned Warehouse’

Friday, April 15th, 2016

There are some things we find mysterious, and some which are spooky. What would you do if a place ignited both curiosity and fear in you? Abandoned places are scary, blank canvasses which your brain can paint with the best or the worst images. Now close your eyes and imagine ‘An Abandoned Warehouse’.

Weekend Creative Writing - 'An Abandoned Warehouse' BlogAdda

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