Free Shopping Fiesta!

Update: We will start the reimbursement process next week. If you don’t get the payment by the 25th of December, please let us know. We will soon be sending a mail to reconfirm the details. 

Festivals are the perfect time for shopping and when it is Diwali, most of us shop clothes, furniture, decorative items, cars, electronic goods and list goes on. The spending for a family increases during this time. Let us do something different this Diwali!

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State Your Opinion!

Revolutions are opinions grown up!

We all have opinions. Whether this is about ice cream, politics in India or your favorite football team, we all have topics that matter to us.

Social media is flooded with different viewpoints, innumerable judgments and a plethora of experts and influencers. However sometimes it can be challenging to see the woods for the trees.

Everyone deserves a powerful voice online. No one should be left out. After all, it’s only when we hear from everyone, does a more complete picture emerge. That’s how State was born!


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Asian Paints Aquadur PU – The Ultimate Shield For Wooden Exteriors!

Kerala believes in preserving their prized heirloom and moreover quality wood furnishings are an investment, which are expected to last a life time. Good wood is hard to find and preserving it is even more difficult with it being influenced by weathering, decay, scratches, stains and many other problems.


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