Perky Tweets – October 10, 2016

Hello Monday! We are back again with our hilarious round of laughter and all things perky with #PerkyTweets! As usual Twitter has always been a pool of fun and masti, and BlogAdda makes it a point to kickstart the week on a happy note with the India’s funniest tweets ever. While this Monday seems a lil less painful (yes, good wins over the bad tomorrow!) and we are all set for a quick break tomorrow, here’s some giggly jokes and chuckling tweets to keep you hail and healthy through the day!

india's funniest tweets

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Perky Tweets – October 3, 2016

Monday’s back and we are still dancing through our Dandiya daze, enjoying the festivity that Navratras have to offer. The streets are filled with luscious delicacies, chaniya cholis are glimmering through stalls and offices often bask in the common colour shade, making Monday all heavenly white today! Who would want to work through the schedules and drool over the meetings when the town is going crazy with the beats! Well, to lighten up your mood and charge you up for the evening tour to the Pandal for some twists and twirls, here’s some liquid laugh shots with funny weekend tweets at our very own #PerkyTweets!

funny weekend tweets

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Perky Tweets – September 26, 2016

Monday is here and yes, we too are in denial for the weekend that juts passed was awesome! We hope you too had a great one. We too are back to work and the screen in front of us is blaring with everything ‘Monday’ on it! Add some scarcity of caffeine to it with loads of work and you get a perfect start! But we are here to make you giggle and chuckle so that the coming weeks starts on a bubbly note just the way it does for BlogAdda. We took some help from twitter and have skimmed the best funny tweets to make your day with #PerkyTweets.

best funny tweets
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Perky Tweets – September 19, 2016

They say laugh and the world laughs with you! Well, we don’t know about the world, surely Twitter laughs with BlogAdda every Monday as we  get barrels of daily funny tweets with our #PerkyTweets! Surely, happiness doesn’t take more than a few characters! So for all those who are having ‘Monday’ issues, here are some giggles tweeting especially for you!
Can you make people chuckle with your tweets? Well, why leave us behind? Submit your tweets to us on this link!

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Perky Tweets – September 12, 2016

Perk up your ears, for it’s #PerkyTweets time! Once again, we have hunted in the vast expanses of Twitter and discovered funny, point blank and unique tweets for you. These fine, designer, exclusive 140 characters are curated just for BlogAdda readers. So read and enjoy! Think you can make people giggle, chuckle and more with your tweets? Submit your tweets to us on this link!


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