Perky Tweets – October 3, 2016

Monday’s back and we are still dancing through our Dandiya daze, enjoying the festivity that Navratras have to offer. The streets are filled with luscious delicacies, chaniya cholis are glimmering through stalls and offices often bask in the common colour shade, making Monday all heavenly white today! Who would want to work through the schedules and drool over the meetings when the town is going crazy with the beats! Well, to lighten up your mood and charge you up for the evening tour to the Pandal for some twists and twirls, here’s some liquid laugh shots with funny weekend tweets at our very own #PerkyTweets!

funny weekend tweets




Would you like to send us in a laughing fit? Well, here’s your chance to make your tweet feature in our #PerkyTweets next week! Submit it by tagging @blogadda in your tweets with the hashtag #PerkyTweets!

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