Your blog for the #DreamTrails activity can win you an all expenses paid trip!

“I have a dream…”- Martin Luther King’s historic lines find resonance with all of us. Our dreams might not be as lofty or earth shattering as him, but dreams all of us do have. Each of these dreams have a story or history attached to them and we’re never really at peace till we fulfill them. BlogAdda in association with Club Mahindra presents the #DreamTrails activity that will take you right into dreamland, and who knows, you might just come back with your dream fulfilled!

Club Mahindra Dream Trails

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Tell us why everyone should take the #TaxPledge with H&R Block!

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Being an adult is hard work, what with all the responsibilities you have to take care of, but it also gives you amazing returns and benefits. Just like filing taxes! Did we just hear a collective groan on hearing the term taxes? That’s exactly what we need to change with the #TaxPledge activity in association with H&R Block!

efiling portal

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Blog and #Celebrate4thOfJulyWeek with BlogAdda!

The land of promise. The land of freedom. The land where all dreams take wing. This is what we think when we think of arguably the most powerful nation in the world – The United States of America. Millions of Indians have hitched their wagons of ambition to this country, and millions will continue to do so. While the thought of moving to an alien country for a better future is promising, it is also daunting. And this week, we want you to tell us who held your hand and helped you through this daunting time in a strange country, for the #Celebrate4thOfJulyWeek activity at BlogAdda.

4th July Celebrations

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Join Ariel #ShareTheLoad to reduce gender prejudices in Gen Next!

“Oh God, I am really late for work. I’ll do the laundry in the evening.”
“Don’t worry dear. I’ll do it today. Good luck for your presentation, Pooja.”

Doesn’t that sound like the man of every woman’s dreams? But why should this remain a dream situation? Wouldn’t you like it if such scenarios became commonplace in every household? Join the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda with Ariel and Akshara to make this dream come true!

gender equality

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Shed your pregnancy inhibitions this Mother’s Day with Bio Oil!

They say that the beauty of motherhood is incomparable. The moment her pregnancy is confirmed, a woman’s life changes forever. For that’s the precise moment when she becomes a mother – a title she will proudly wear as a crown for the rest of her life. It’s the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime. A journey that will bring new and unexpected changes to her body and self. And getting to meet this little person who is all hers, before anyone else, is a privilege she cherishes so dearly. To celebrate the amazing journey that a woman embarks during those 9 months, BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil bring you the #YummyMummy weekend blogging activity.


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Relive your internship days through #MyInternTheory!

While growing up, everyone has ideas and dreams about their first job, their first foray into the professional world. Internships, which were optional a few years back, have now become the norm for youngsters to get the hang of their chosen profession. Your first internship is like being born all over again, as you leave the comfortable world of your college and are thrust into the bright, shiny world of professional adults. Your first internship is a memorable experience, and we’re calling all bloggers to relive your internship memories with the #MyInternTheory activity in association with Intern Theory. 

internship experience

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