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The land of promise. The land of freedom. The land where all dreams take wing. This is what we think when we think of arguably the most powerful nation in the world – The United States of America. Millions of Indians have hitched their wagons of ambition to this country, and millions will continue to do so. While the thought of moving to an alien country for a better future is promising, it is also daunting. And this week, we want you to tell us who held your hand and helped you through this daunting time in a strange country, for the #Celebrate4thOfJulyWeek activity at BlogAdda.

4th July Celebrations

Globalization means that we have an idea of what America is, with its Times Square and Wall Street and Hollywood and opportunities for everyone. But no matter how many episodes of American sitcoms you watch, once you land up there, it takes time to find your bearings. A strange land with strange customs and stranger ways of living, navigating a new country like the US can get a little exhausting.

In such a time, having a friend to help you, guide you or just walk the same path as you can make a world of a difference. Whether it is to find the cheapest places to eat, how to get a hang of the public transport, or to celebrate your first festival away from home with you, this person makes the country feel like home. So for the #Celebrate4thOfJulyWeek activity at BlogAdda, tell us your memories about the first American friend you made in the US, the one whose presence, however short or long, you are grateful for. You may still be living in the US or may be back after a stint in the country, but we’re sure you remember the first friend you made there. After all, it is the people of the US, as much as its history, who make the US the great nation that it is.

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4. Please include the line “I’m sharing the memories of my first friend in the USA for the #Celebrate4thOfJulyWeek at BlogAdda.”

So go ahead, do your bit to write about the great country that you have been associated with, and celebrate the real spirit of American Independence!

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