Tangy Tuesday Picks- July 5, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

Writing opens up another door for human communication, preserving our best thoughts forever. Nobody speaks and nobody hears anything, yet a writer shares a symbiotic relationship with a reader that understands the latter beyond spoken words. Mere thoughts on ink, yet they have the power to create storms of emotions in the minds that wander along. Imagination and fascination take new routes as a writer scribbles his heart out, carving out a window to peep in to his world of ecstasies and turmoils. Another dive into the blogging pool, we get some amazing posts for you to have a Tangy Tuesday, yet again! If you wish to send us your entries to be featured, submit your posts to BlogAdda!

  • Who: Doctoratlarge
  • What: “The Child’s Dream”
  • Tangy: Often adulthood gets weighed down with endless responsibilities and routine work, and one is left wondering if this is exactly what wanted to be when we grew up? As we enter into new phases of life, no matter how hard we try, personal priorities lose their importance and duties take over. Everything is available for our personal recreation, yet who has the time to take a break and enjoy them? The child in us that was ever chirpy and carefree is hidden in our insides, wanting to be let out.

  • Who: Sanjay Thampy
  • What: “Defend, but don’t exonerate”
  • Tangy: Mankind might share a common biological construction, yet it creates differences on the basis of caste, creed, colour and many more. A human is differentiated from his lot by some unknown labels decided by the destiny at the time of one’s birth. While we have no personal choice in choosing what we get identified as later, our whole life gets unknowingly dedicated in defending our pedigree. Sanjay’s post is worth a read as identity crises fuels divisive tendencies.

  • Who: Umashankar
  • What: “Open Your Eyes, Muslims!”
  • Tangy: Every time there is a terrorist attack anywhere, the world just sinks deeper into its conviction that Islamists are the root cause of terror in the world. While thinking this, please spare a thought for the average Muslim who knows the real meaning of faith and is just as pained at the carnage as you are. It’s time for us to band together as human beings, with the only difference being between peace lovers and terror mongers.

  • Who: Swati
  • What: Parting Ways with Old Familiar Belongings: Not Easy”
  • Tangy: Not all of us believe in the materialistic value of things and belongings. For some of us, those small trinkets have an emotional bond, a habitual attachment and a feeling of belonging that can never be measured by money. Things we own have their own quota of memories attached, and stories that come back to us in a fresh way every time we see them. Parting ways from our favourite things is often an unimaginable task to accomplish. Be it people or things, both leave a memory trail, making it hard to live without them.

  • Who: Sudha Ganapathi
  • What: “The Registan Square of Samarqand”
  • Tangy: The Registan Square in Samarqand is Uzbekistan’s own Taj Mahal. Marking a beautiful full stop to an exhilarating road trip through the Samarqand mountains, the ancient monument has a timeless magnificence. Going into frequent repairs owing to the recurring earthquakes, the place keeps its stunning aura intact. The central public space gleaming under the twilight holds thousands of stories of bloodshed and executions hidden behind the alluring beauty.

  • Who: Amitava Kumar
  • What: “10 Rules of Writing”
  • Tangy: Writing is a human expression that can take as many forms of expression as there are people. While the biggest writers have mastered the art of conveying their feelings in impressive language, often simple and subtle writing touches the masses better. For a start, one needs to understand how simple language can convey things much better, striking the right chords with the audience. For the budding writers, here’s an enlightening post to take their writing one level ahead by adding simple changes to their styles.

  • Who: Sangeeta
  • What: “Lepakshi- Where Stones Speak Volumes”
  • Tangy: If doppelgangers do exist for places, here’s one for Hampi. Those who loved the stone filled expanse that whispers historical stories would want to see its identical twin, just 2.5 hours away from the Silicon Valley of India. Very close to Bangalore, Lepakshi has its own glories of the past hidden within its Veerabhadra Temple and its carved pillars. The place has a scintillating landscape with an alluring architectural beauty. Here’s all about the place from one of Sangeeta’s travel stories.

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