#InstaTales Feature: Astonishing Nature

Come monsoons, and the whole world turns into a wondrously beautiful place. Our lives remain the same – same jobs, same friends and same activities. What changes is nature. Rains make nature blossom, give her life and the interplay of sun and clouds make it a very playful time for both our surroundings and us. Keeping this in mind, we gave you an #InstaTales prompt last week – Astonishing Nature.

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Look below to see which ones made the cut as the best posts shared with us!

Life of a wildlife biologist is an adventurous one. They literally spend half of their life amidst the nature. They learn to adjust and adopt with nature. They love nature truely, not to fill up their social media with some exotic photographs. To be honest, they tend to get lost in concrete jungle but can trace a path even in the dense jungle. My husband shares the same story. He spends days after days in the wild working for the conservation of nature. He hardly get time to be home but I am proud and don’t have objection if he can’t buy me some expensive gifts or a movie night. For me, his time is the best gift as his life is dedicated to make the earth better for my kid, for all of the kids that would come to this world. But the real heroes are the front line forest staff dedicating their whole life into the wild. They literally live their lives in the jungle. They protect it, conserve it and help it grow. The picture shows an early morning at Manas National Park. It was clicked by my husband capturing the life of a forest guard, how they live with nature. This portrait reflects how men are the product of earth and how easily they can adjust with the nature. Kudos to all who are giving their present to the wild to give our kids a better future. #InstaTales #nature #AstonishingNature #blogadda #prompt

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We know we told you that the two best #InstaTales stories will be featured…but we couldn’t resist sharing just one more! So here’s another astonishing picture that we’d love for you to see.

Did these pictures bring out the best of nature and make you feel grateful about the bounties that surround us? The bounty of #InstaTales will continue week after week, so don’t forget to participate the next time you see a prompt on BlogAdda’s Instagram account!

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