The Habit of Winning

Today’s book belongs to the self-help category. This book is based on personal growth and has mantras of success. Former CEO of PepsiCola, South Asia, P.M Sinha, says it’s a¬†must read for every young manager. Author Brian Tracy says¬†this book is loaded with great ideas, stories and inspiration to help you be more positive, focused and successful. You have a chance to review¬†Prakash Iyer’s ‘The Habit of Winning’, with foreword by R. Gopalakrishnan, under the¬†book reviews program. Read below the excerpt and apply to review it.

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Review ‘Conversations’

We have a book today, whose excerpt seems enlightening to us. The author is an Internet technology professional and already has a book in his kitty named ‘’.¬†Rajeev Nanda¬†is heartily welcomed at the adda with his book¬†‘Conversations’.¬†Rajeev Nanda is that rare individual willing to share his cherished moments to a world gone largely cynical. Through his poems and stories, he brings back the smile on our faces, helping us look at life through the perspective of his old-world humanism. This indeed is a tour de force of realism wedded to elegant prose and lyrical poetry,¬†says Allen Medonca, Consulting Editor, 080 magazine &¬†¬†Arthur Melzer, author and professor, says¬†Conversations is the heartfelt chronicle of a man talking to himself – his earnest quest for answers to the basic questions of life.¬†Looks interesting? Read below for excerpt from the author himself.

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Sikandar: 10 players, 68 days

Today, the book that we announce might be of interest to many of you. A very interesting and curious excerpt this book carries. The backdrop of this book is based on a reality show in Calcutta, where 10 contestants are locked up in a house for 68 days. The book progresses to unveil the characteristics of each of the contestants of the house, and thereby bringing in some changes in their lives. This book is called¬†‘Sikandar: 10 players, 68 days’¬†by its author¬†Binayak Banerjee, which is translated by¬†Soma Ghosh. Interested to know more about it? Then read below…

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Live from London by Parinda Joshi

Yet another exciting book we are announcing today under the¬†book reviews program. Presenting a fiction book, whose story is based in two big cities, London and Mumbai. You have a chance to review¬†Parinda Joshi’s book ‘Live from London’! We are giving away¬†19 books¬†of this interesting read. Do you want to review this book and receive it for free, then read below the excerpt of this interesting book and show your interest!

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The Storyteller of Marrakesh

Today’s novel revolves around mystery and fiction.¬†“The many interruptions and digressions can test the reader’s patience, but it is the evocation of place that truly animates the novel. “, said New York Times in its review of this novel. His previous creation ‘The Gabriel Club’ was a¬†heady intrigue set in Budapest. It was published in sixteen countries and J. M. Coetzee, a known author of South Africa, called it¬†‘an impressive debut, serious and passionate’. Welcoming¬†Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya with his book ‘The Storyteller of Marrakesh’ under the¬†Book Reviews program.

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The (In) eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra

Today we are announcing the 15th book to be given for review under the book reviews program! Thank you for to all those who have expressed their interest and we look forward to your continued support. The book that we announce today is based on marriage and relationships, and the author quizzes us by asking, it is all about meeting the RIGHT people, or is it what happens when you meet the WRONG people?

Arranged marriages and mothers put together is a hilarious combination. Maybe someone should write a book on it, thought¬†Ruchita Misra. And this book is a product of such thoughts. Presenting¬†The (In) eligible Bachelors as the 15th book under book reviews program! ūüôā

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