Sikandar: 10 players, 68 days

Today, the book that we announce might be of interest to many of you. A very interesting and curious excerpt this book carries. The backdrop of this book is based on a reality show in Calcutta, where 10 contestants are locked up in a house for 68 days. The book progresses to unveil the characteristics of each of the contestants of the house, and thereby bringing in some changes in their lives. This book is called ‘Sikandar: 10 players, 68 days’ by its author Binayak Banerjee, which is translated by Soma Ghosh. Interested to know more about it? Then read below…

We are giving away 10 copies of Sikander. Here’s the excerpt:

By the first decade of this century, even trend-resistant Calcutta has given into the lure of reality shows. The first such, named ‘Sikander, has ten contestants locked in a house called ‘Jatugriha’ as they engage in a game of ruthless nerves and wit. The person who exits the house last will be declared the Sikandar of Bengal. 

This is a story of a narcissistic actor, a crooked industrialist, a teacher, a hermit, a prostitute and several other characters whose paths cross at this emotionally charged moment of their lives. Each contestant takes turns to lead the reader through the search for the champion of champions. 

As the show progresses, we enter the skin of the players and learn why they behave the way they do: why a revolutionary leader is keen to win the competition for the sake of her daughter or why a brave young man believes he is sure to be the first to leave the show. As the show unfolds, dark secrets tumble out as the contestants make confessions, people ruthlessly try to pin others down and illicit love affairs become the order of the day, even as some secrets are buried forever.

A chain reaction alters the lives of the participants forever. And while some wake up to undiscovered aspects of love, true love also blossoms in the hearts of two young people inside the walls of Jatugriha. In the end, although there is only one true ‘Sikander’, each of the contestants finds an individual and personal victory…

Know the Author: 

One of the most promising young poets of India, Binayak Banerjee is now regarded as the changing face of Bengali fiction. His debut novel Sohaginir Sange Ek Bachhar (A Year with Sohaginir) was published in 2008. Sikandar was published in 2009 to popular and critical acclaim. He combines a career in teaching and writing. Born and raised in Kolkata, Soma Ghosh is a journalist by training but a writer at heart. She writes a weekly blog for the Times of India and a personal blog entitled ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’. She contributes to various online and offline publications and is currently working on a novel. This is her first translation.

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  1. Hi, seems like an interesting book, really the flavour of the season with Big Boss 5 on air. Please send it to me, would love to read and review it 🙂

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