BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct. 4, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksAll eyes will be on Tim Cook as he will be unveiling the IPhone5 which is touted to be a best seller. Steve Jobs, the man who peps up the press conferences of Apple will be missed though. Let us wait and watch. Till then, Tangy Tuesday Picks will be served and can be read by all of you.

    • Who :Β  Sujoy
      What : 10 Bollywood movies I’d like to see in 3D
      Tangy : 3D is the latest trend among movie buffs, with many animation movies being shown in 3D. Imagine the experience of watching your all time favorites in 3D – pure bliss! πŸ™‚ Sujoy lists 10 films that he would like to watch in 3D, right from Mughal-e-Azam to Robot! Do read this post and let him know which movies would you like to see. This post was tipped by Dunkdaft.

    • Who : Vidyut
      What : My experience with domestic violence
      Tangy: Vidyut is a woman who has been a victim of domestic violence. In support of Violence Against Women month, she shares her story of violence. A victim remains no more a victim once he/she turns into a fighter. And Vidyut surely is one. Here she takes the courageous plunge of writing all of it. This post was tipped by Neha.

    • Who : Bijoy
      What : Mumbaiya Farzi Gyan: How to Identify Central Line Railway Stations.
      Tangy : Chala bhau chala laukar laukar – Thane. Kem cho mota bhai – Ghatkopar. Ganapati Bappa Morya, Mangal Moorti Morya – Chinchpokli. Confused? These are some of the peculiar things of people from Central Railway stations of Mumbai. πŸ™‚ Bijoy has written some interesting observations in this post, and tells us how we can identify a particular station with their specialty! Do add on your observations.

    • Who : Mangoman
      What : Boyfriends Rejoice, Chintu Pissed
      Tangy : With the recent rule of 100 SMS’ per day by TRAI, Chintu is now worried how he would send bulk shayari’s and PJs to his babes and gals. While Chintu is worried, Frustrated Boyfriends of India (FBI) marked their Independence day on 27th of September, 2011, the day when this rule was initiated, by throwing away the autocratic government of ‘Girlfriends of India: Just Ossom’. For more information on this ‘ossom’ news article, please visit this blog.

    • Who :Β Suranga Date
      What : The Road more travelled……:-)
      Tangy : Suranga shares an old story with us, where she was driving in the busy streets of Mumbai. The story tells us how she zipped past the traffic, at a time when cars didn’t have all the luxuries included, that we would find today. Also, this post is a must read for lady drivers who are often put down by male counterparts.

    • Who : Jovita
      What : The next few moments
      Tangy : Jovita writes a beautiful and motivating poem for her friend, who has experienced a huge loss. Jovita wants to tell her that she is surrounded by love and support. Do read her poem.

    • Who : Anaggh
      What : Do customers misuse Social Media?
      Tangy : Companies are at a stage where they use social media to a large extent, to connect directly and quickly with the customer. While it has its own advantages, companies also have to tackle the complaints and negative comments of the customers smartly. Anaggh here discusses whether the customer is misusing this freedom of connecting with their brands on social media. On one hand, a customer might not take the efforts to get his/her issues solved by visiting the customer care center, while some others, frustrated by the physical service, would land up on social media, rightly complaining. What are your views? Drop in your comments.


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